Wednesday, October 7, 2009

This Is The Day!

...that we've been given.  Full of promise.  Full of hope.  What will we do with it?


I wake up every morning with a list of things about a mile and a half long that I know I have to do...should do...would like to do.  I've angsted over them the night before and they fell asleep with me closer than even hubby can snuggle on a cold, fall evening. 

But, most of the time, the day takes me where it wants me to go, and not the other way around.  And for that, I'm thankful.  I learn new things.  Meet new people.  Ask new questions.  Fall down.  Get back up.  Fall down.  Get back up.

The responses from you all amazed and encouraged me.  You lifted me up after my falls...because all I had to do was remember your kindnesses when I was feeling a little lost, or neglected or needy.  And the day got brighter.  So on a post where I was hoping to challenge and encourage myself and others, a tremendous blessing was gifted to me.  You.  Your hearts.  Your souls shining through the dark forest. 

Thank you!  One little corner of the world beamed a little bit brighter!

Things I'd like to share back:

You need to read Dotty's profile.  She is an amazing woman! 

And this:

is my part of this week's Sew and Tell for Friday Finishes at Amy's blog. 

Hubby's old building has lots of "treasure" in it.  This is an old, walnut book case way in the back, upstairs, lost in an empty room.  Lonely.  Left.  Unloved.  Unused.  Until....

the boys carried it off in a huge truck and brought it to our house to live!  Hooray!  On top are color coded flower buckets for my scraps from the Sweet Pea Sonata quilt.  The old, wire paper basket was also found at the building and cleaned up.  Now it holds a jelly roll and some yardage for a quilt that's yet to tell me what it wants to be.  A cd/radio player for music and the much needed talk radio.  LOL

My growing collection of quilt books and magazines.  An old, wire post office basket (I have this thing for old things that can be repurposed!) with more yardage that's too yummy to keep stuffed in a box.  And, don't laugh (well, you can laugh if it makes you happier!), but Wal Mart has these awesome stackable cubes that are see through plastic with little holes.  I can see my "babies" and ogle them lovingly every time I look at the book case.  Mostly fat quarters and some snippets here and there.

We have a three season sunroom that does triple duty as playroom, sewing room and get away from it all room.  Windows on three sides let in lots of sunlight and I can see the kids playing in the backyard.  I can also watch squirrels, chipmunks, hummingbirds, other birds, butterflies and whatever else happens to wander into the garden.  Most days I'm there with a kid or two who wants to be where Mom is.  I love that!

Woke up yesterday morning and it was 44 degrees outside.  Which meant the unheated sunroom was about 50.  LOL  Soooooo, yesterday was spent bringing a lot of my sewing stuff inside to the den.  Which is now Mom's sewing room until spring.

Hoping to finish the move and clean up in time for Amy's Friday Finish and in the meantime, I'm working on some new "skin" for an old friend.



  1. wow...very nicely organized!!! it would be pretty hard to sew when you could not feel your fingers from the cold! did you name your sewing machine yet? :o)

  2. Dee, thanks for your kind words today. Even though I see no end in sight for my busy time. I will think of you telling me to get out of Dodge.... maybe this weekend I can even if for just a short time.
    I love your use of repurposed stuff for organization. I keep trying to get organized....

  3. i first went by where my machine was from, and went to naming it from there. i don't really have a name for mine, but my QF was refering to her as Helga!!! So see where it is from and make some silly name from is like a wedding dress. when you hear it you will know it is the perfect one. oh and i saw that pattern, iwas looking at it yesterday in fact and it scares me....really scares me. i would love to do it but i am a big chicken

  4. when i saw this picture on your post i knew it looked so familiar and tonight at my mothers house i realized why...this is just like one of the pictures on the remembrance cards at my grandpa's funeral. It is beautiful isn't it?

  5. Oh you are inspiring me again! Love your shelf and your organizing! so pretty! I really need to get organized, if you saw my craft room, you would faint!

  6. Sometimes I get frustrated at life's twists and turns, but really they are a blessing. New things, new people, new events. Good stuff!


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