Wednesday, March 14, 2012

WIP Wednesday

Thank you for all the kind words about the quilt I'm working on!

I started quilting it last weekend and love the way it's turning out!  Aren't sewing machines just the bomb!
I ended up using a light tan thread to quilt the trunk instead of a grayish color.  Picture me holding up all these bobbins of thread at Joann's and squinting at them to find just the right one.

A variagated thread with reds, oranges, yellows and greens is what I'm working on quilting the "canopy" part of the tree with.  I tried hand quilting around the circles...didn't look good at all!  So I ripped out the stitches and went with a swirling motif that echoes the tree trunk.

Corinnea suggested I enter it into the Pinterest Challange that Bower Power will be hosting.
Kirsten has also taken a Rett Grayson work and interpreted it as a mini quilt.
And for those who suggested I let the artist know just how much she inspired me, I had emailed her through her etsy shop and gotten a lovely, encouraging response, commented on the last post and a post mentioning the quilt I'm making!
Please take a minute (or two or three or thirty +) to look at all of the things she's created and crafted.

Thanks Rett, this means the world to me!  I'm so glad I found your blog because your work is truly beautiful!  The colors and themes (and sheer quirkiness and fun of your crochet!) make my heart smile!

Another Pinspired tutorial got me into all kinds of glittery fun yesterday.
As I've mentioned, I've put away larger projects to work on things I've pinned on Pinterest while painting and cleaning this spring.

Julie at Less-Than-Perfect Life of Bliss beat me out on pricing for her Goodwill lamp.  She paid $5.00 for hers and I paid:

Since I'm switching out colors and stuff in the front hallway, I figured a new lamp (wonder why we can't keep them whole around here?) was in order.
Loved Julie's idea and went from the lamp you see above to:

Ta Da!
(mass hypnosis happening are not seeing the blue painter's are not seeing the as yet unpainted trim...repeat...repeat...)

Really, really happy with the paint from Krylon.  I took my time and thankfully, the weather yesterday coorporated.  I had all kinds of sparkley floatey bits flying about me as I spray painted outside.
I chose Toasted Almond for our new reminds me of the beach.  Makes me happy!
I found a really cool lamp shade at Menards.

It's really white, but my photography skills are highly lacking!  See how the pleats in the shade sort of look like the ripples on the sand the waves leave behind?
Tickled.  Tickled.  Tickled!

Linking up with Lee at Freshly Pieced for a fun filled day of browsing and enjoying other quiltey eye candy.
The best kind because it has no calories!


  1. Really cool lamp....way to go.....very creative! Love that quilt, too.

  2. Way to go you crazy nut! Now to come over and visit....

  3. The quilt is going to be spectacular. If I posted that comment twice, sorry I was commenting at work....
    It's nice that the artist enjoyed your piece! I need to go look at her things.
    The lamp is cool! I love repainting old things to use again.

  4. Gorgeous lamp!!! I love when I find a good deal and it turns out so pretty!!

  5. Love that quilt.....your quilting is wonderful

  6. Beautiful quilting! The lamp looks great too!

  7. Your quilt is amazing! I love how your shared where you got the inspiration for it from too! Rett's tutorial is quite spectacular!

  8. Fabulous tree! Yes, sewing machines are the bomb!

  9. I love the tree quilting....very whimsical

  10. Love how you are quilting the tree Dee - it is going to be fabulous when it is all done! And thanks for the mention too:)

  11. The quilting looks great on your tree quilt! Good luck with your's looking good.

  12. The quilting is looking great, Dee!

  13. Love the quilting Dee, and great job with the lamp. My DH did the same thing with a lamp he had from his bachelor days.

  14. that is an amazing quilt! gorgeous quilting Dee!
    I love your lamp and I love Goodwill too, maybe I need to make another trip there!

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