Monday, March 18, 2013

Tangerine Dream

Well, that was a couple of weeks!
At least half of those days spent thanking God for NyQuil!
There should be a short window of time one is able to get a cold. 
Like from never to....never!

This is where I was before I got sick:

spending time looking at this and thinking, "There is way too much white here!"
So, pilfered through the stash and tried this on for a while.

Maybe this is what made me sick in the first place?  Can you get sick from the "This is a dang ugly quilt top!" virus?
Totally did not like where this was going.
Off to the sewing table with the seam ripper (you can see I've made a start at the bottom, left of the picture).

I went to's Block of the Month looking for inspiration on other pieced borders and found

this happy little block called Fair and Square.

So, I tried one on for size!

Hey!  I like this!  It's a lot more true to my original vision of staying with four colors: yellow, green, orange and white without all the glaringly white...white.

I made a few more using scraps.  Some of them had been hoarded forever, but if I don't use them, they just sit in a bucket....doing nobody any good!

And here I am.  Literally.  See my warm, fuzzy socked toes?
Much better!
Sticking to my four colors.  I love them!

All this blah, winter gray weather is making me sad.
Which is why I'm so happy to be able to link up to
for my sunshine, inspiration, encouragement fix!
Come on over and play!


  1. Those colors play so well together! Welcome Spring!

  2. What a cute little block! These colors look great. And I love your fuzzy socks :)

  3. So glad that you're on the mend ! There have been WAY TOO MANY grey days this winter ! I'm loving seeing all the little things budding out now.......God is just so amazing!

    Hope you get to piece that up just the way you like it !

  4. You had me worried there for a minute!!! Liking the final draft much better!!

  5. Such creamy and fresh colors. I love the block!

  6. You made me laugh. Sorry you've been sick. I like how your quilt top is progressing....that red was a little bit much...though it didn't make me too sick. =) Have a great week.

  7. Oh, i do love the bottom one. So pretty!

  8. oooo- I love where you've ended up with it. :D

  9. Not sure a quilt can make you sick.....although a couple of mine have brought on nausea ; )
    Love your hexies.

  10. Yea! Glad you found the right solution for your quilt. Looks adorable.

  11. What a happy, not blah quilt! I really love the direction you went with the scrappy blocks around the center. This coloring has such a warm vintage feel. Great almost-Finish!

  12. That you were able to come up with a second border idea when not feeling well impresses the heck out of me. And those little blocks turned out so well. How on earth did you do that while sick?!? :)


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