Monday, May 19, 2014

Whimsy Finished!

So excited I'm ahead of schedule for this quilt!
March: choosing pattern and fabrics, ordering pattern and ruler
April: cutting fabrics according to pattern, piecing arcs
May: piecing blocks and sewing finished blocks together
June: find backing material and quilt
0.5 CHECK!
Here is the chosen backing fabric.  One of my all time favorite, soft, silky smooth vintage sheets.  Hoarded for a long time now and just waiting for the perfect purpose.
The bride-to-be has seen it, petted it and approved!
I finished up the top on Friday and we had a chance to take pictures before Rebecca drove home to stay before the wedding.  She made a short trip up here for Chris's graduation (more about that later), but we won't see her again until she and Jon get their first apartment keys and start moving things in.
This has been such a fun top to put together! 
Patterns usually scare me to death!  I'm so afraid I will make a mistake and ruin all the lovely
 (and expensive) fabric I've chosen for a quilt.
Using the ruler, this one was a breeze!
I will be making another one, only larger I think, for hubsmuffin and me.
The first weekend in May, we were proud to attend Jon and Rebecca's university graduation.
This weekend, we were honored to personally hand Chris, as his father and mother,  his high school diploma!
We made the carefully considered decision to bring him home to educate at the end of his sixth grade year from a small, private, Christian school.
It was one of the best things we've ever done!
We loved it so much, we brought youngest brother, Ben, home to educate 7-12th grade also.
Educating our children in the home has given us some incredible opportunities and unique experiences (our co-op helped put a science experiment into space on the last shuttle mission!) we wouldn't have had at our old school.  Friends who have become family. 
Our oldest, Jon (who graduated from the Christian school) is hoping to talk Rebecca into homeschooling when it comes time for them to think about this.
I think that is an awesome testament to how much we have been blessed to be able to do this and the impact it makes on families and communities they live in.
I leave you this week with a thankful and full-to-bursting heart!  Thanks for letting me share here and for all the happy encouragement and inspiration I get from reading your comments and blogs!
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  1. Goodness!! What a beautiful quilt. The polka dots are perfect. I've never worked with specialty rulers but it is so tempting to leap in. Thanks for the inspiration.
    I just noticed your quote by C.S.Lewis.... I've just finished reading Jack's Life by Douglas Gresham. Such a good book written by C.S. Lewis's stepson.
    Your gratitude is a gift to us all, not just to Him. Thanks for that too.

  2. What a lovely time in lives you are all be blessed by others and to be a blessing to so many!! Your wedding ring quilt is quite simply beautiful, gorgeous, sublime.........!! The backing is to die for, the patterns and colours make my vintage heart sing.

  3. congratulations on both of the graduations!!!! Success!!! that quilt looks amazing. i love the polka dots

  4. Beautiful quilt top! Lovely backing choice too! Congratulations to the graduates :)

  5. I didn't find this pattern very easy, it took about 10 blocks to figure it out. (Still working with lining up seams) Yours is gorgeous, makes me want to keep working at it. Thanks for the inspiration

  6. Absolutely beautiful quilt!! I'm sure they're going to love it!! Congrats to your grads too! What a great accomplishment :)

    ~ Jess ~
    Everything Is Coming Up Rosie

  7. Wow....curves and scraps and fabulous colour. Love it.

  8. That quilt is GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!! that pattern would scare me to death! ha! I LOOOOVE that backing!!!
    Congratulations to the graduations!!!!!! its a big day!!!

  9. That quilt top is gorgeous! It just shimmers. I love how you planned it out so the blues form a ring around the other colors. Stunning!

  10. Thank you for commenting on my post Dee:-)
    My reply bounced - full box?

  11. The top is lovely and I really love the your choice for backing. How are you going to quilt it.

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  13. The colors and dots are perfect together!! I'm glad to hear it was easy for you to piece. I made this one as you may recall. I had a few issues with measurements, but it came out amazing anyway. Its a beautiful pattern.


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