Monday, February 16, 2015

Repurposing Vintage Linens and Quilt Blocks

"My soul is fed with needle and thread."
I hope your souls found nourishment last week doing something you love!

One of my favorite things to do is go antiquing with the hubs.  Finding soft, beautiful, vintage linens in need of saving is another.  This Grandmother's Flower Garden block came from a "cutter" basket at a small shop last summer.  According to A Linen Collector's Dictionary (Part I), a "cutter" is a "textile which has sufficient damage as to render it unsuitable for its original purpose. Cutters, usually available at a much lower price, are often used as fabric for sewing and craft projects."
This is the back side.  Tiny, tiny hand stitches!  The edges were fraying and I was afraid the integrity of the block size would be lost if I didn't somehow stabilize them.
So, using my Hexagon Ruler, I measured the original hexagons at 2 1/2" unfinished and cut out enough to "frame" the block.
(leaving 1/4" unsewn)
This is where a being able to manage a good "Y" seam came in handy.  In a "Y" seam, three pieces of fabric need to be sewn together in the shape of a "Y".  This usually involves sewing to within 1/4" of an edge to allow another piece of fabric to be added.
Fresh Lemons has a really good tutorial and you can find videos on YouTube showing you this technique.
And this is where I am now.  New, white fabric sewn on to stabilize the fraying edges of this beautiful block.  Not sure what I'm going to do with it, but I won't be afraid to put it in the vintage tote again to store away for a future project.
See the quilt behind?  That's my Scrappy Trip Around the World I've been working on.  I managed to piece three new blocks for it last week after cutting out and piecing the scraps for my Shoreline Pillow Project.
My Siamese, Tundra, is helping decide where to add the new blocks in.
This is Option 1.
And Option II.  Which he didn't like and walked off shot to let me know.
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  1. My favourite thing in the world is happening upon vintage linens and taking them home to live with me! Your cutter is a gorgeous find. I love how you have revived this pretty for another day. That Tundra is a picky feline. As ever, Dee, a happy post filled with oodles of colour and pattern to help me smile through my Tuesday. Thank you!!

  2. Love that you rescue fabric! Your scrappy trip is beautiful.

  3. Love that around the world piece! Absolutely beautiful!

  4. I love vintage blocks! That is just gorgeous. And your scrappy trip is beautiful.

  5. Wow - you have way more patience than I! LOVE that bottom piece - really eye-catching!

  6. What a great find... and your scrappy trip is gorgeous. Love the mix of colors you are using. Tundra (love that name!) is a beauty.

  7. I quite like option 2! Colour just seem to shine from it!

  8. I want a scrappy trip like yours right now:-)

  9. Your trip around the world is so pretty! Love the kitty, too ;)

  10. Your trip around the world is gorgeous! Your cat has good taste.

  11. Love your Trip Around the World, the brights and pastels work so well together.

  12. Love the antique hexie rescue! Its beautiful! Your trip around the world is just as amazing!

  13. I admire your patience with the antique hexies. And your Trip quilt is fabulous with its vibrant colors. Love these, but what really caught my eye was the little illustration at the top (it reminds me of illustrations in vintage storybooks that I've some to appreciate lately) and your caption. Precious, and so true!

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