Monday, September 9, 2013

Monday, Monday

Lots going on here at the Doodles' house.
Jon is a senior at BSU and Chris started a dual credit class at Ivy Tech as a high school senior.  Ben and Chris started homeschool classes Tuesday and co-op began Friday.  Add in some soccer games and we've got a jam packed calendar!
I did get to work on the linens quilt a little.
This little bird is one of my favorite "repurposed" pieces.  He's from a pillowcase that was worn thin in places and had some spots.
I think he likes his new home.
Pieced together what I liked next to each other.  Sorry for the blurry picture...I think there was moisture on the lens (?).
And two more sections sewn on. 
Obviously needing to work on the camera!
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Hope this week sees you sewing and treated kindly!