Thursday, September 29, 2011

Baby Swoon Block

They've been all the rage this year.  The Swoon blocks from Camille Roskelley. 

Flickr is full of them.  Her website has such eye candy as to make one "swoon" from scrumptiousness overload! Quilters have used incredibly beautiful fabrics and color combinations in their blocks and quilts.

When finished, these blocks measure 24.5" x 24.5". Whopping big blocks that can be combined to make all sorts of sized quilts.  Here is a picture of one that is the inspiration for my block:

Mine, however is only 11" x 11".
That's a quarter on the HST, by the way.
This is what happens when you're moving your sewing stuff inside for the winter.  In the spring, summer and early fall, my sewing things are out on the sunroom where I can take advantage of the natural light and being able to see my flower gardens blooming and kids playing.  When mornings start turning chilly like they have been, everything comes inside.

Now we're set up in the living room.  Lots of light to help me see and two of the sweetest lil' helpers you've ever met!

While sorting through similar colored scraps, I came across the Swoon pattern I had bought this spring.  I've already made four regular sized ones.  Well, sort of.  The pattern calls for fat quarters and not thinking, I had some 1/4" yard cuts from the Buttercup collection laying around, I went ahead and started making the blocks only to find out I need more fabric to finish them.  I've got about 2/3 of the whole block made in four different fabric combinations.  Sheesh.  Guess that means a trip to the LQS!  Darn! 

Buttercup by Moda

Middleman will be taking the PSAT in October and I will have a whole morning to myself to go and get the fabric I need to finish the blocks. 

I wanted to sew a little something quick that I could finish while putting my sewing table back to rights...saw the scraps, saw the pattern and thought this would make a sweet little block half sized.  I just cut the measurement requirements by half and and I'm so glad I did!

I would love to make a mini quilt with this.  It seems everything I make is a largerish sized quilt and those drag on for what seems like forever.  This is a fun way to use scraps us with instant gratification!

Bean has two days off and the cats are wishing he didn't.  LOL
Soccer game tonight and coop tomorrow.

Thank you for the encouragement on the baskets for the Senior Scholarship fund.  I'm only asking $5 because a lot of our coop families are struggling to make ends meet and I thought this would let them get a homemade pretty for very little.

Hope today treats you kindly.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The "Useful" Basket

When I first started reading quilting blogs, I came across the cutest tutorial for a smallish, fabric basket from the Pink Penguin.

I made it for Christmas gifts one year for teachers and "special" friends.  I have three of them being "useful" around our house too.

Each year, our homeschooling coop gives out scholarships to two of our outstanding graduating seniors.  We have a Senior Cake Off, Cupcake Auction, Silent Auction and anything else we can throw in the pot to raise funds for the scholarships.

This year, I'm selling "Useful" baskets.  I have one made up and sitting at our Welcome table on class day.
They're $5 a piece and made entirely of scraps or fabric that's been gifted to me and leftover batting.

No cost, except labor, for me.
Financial benefit for the scholarship fund.

I've sold three already!
It isn't a lot, but every dollar goes to help a senior buy books, meals, necessaries as they go off to college!

Monday, September 19, 2011


It's mid-September.
You know what that means?


Tee hee hee!