Monday, June 7, 2010

There's a light at the end of this tunnel...

 Summer Vacation 201o
Day 1:
Co-op picnic.  Where we preview and preregister for classes in the fall.
Day 2:
Parent-teacher conferences and confrontations.  About a week ago, after hearing Bean's almost daily rehash of the class bully's antics, I almost turned the car around and took him back to school to ask the headmaster to explain to Bean why he had to put up with this crap and why he (the headmaster) couldn't or wouldn't do anything to put a stop to it.  I didn't-thinking peacemaking-keeping hubby wouldn't like my mother's daughter's 'tude escaping.  Tomorrow just might end a little differently.

Bullying is one of the reasons we pulled Middleman from this school.  And haven't sent him back.  Although, I have to say, one of the girls in his class who had been vicious to him for three years came up to him at graduation Friday night and apologized.  That made a huge dent in my "bitterness, anger and grudge" holding department.  LOL  Mama Bear has a very long memory and loves her cubs very much.

Okay, enough vent on the viciousness of kids the lethargicness (is this even a word?) of adults.
Day 3:
All day college freshman orientation.
Day 4:
Repeat Day 3, only tired and cranky.
Day 5:
Complete and total collapse.

Although, I am outside in the cool afternoon breeze, under my umbrella, eating trail mix, drinking a Coke and looking at my squirrel free (for now, they know I'm here outside) gardens.

Life is good.


  1. Wow. Enjoy relaxing, sounds like you really need it! Bullying, there are just so many rants I could go into right now..... Take care of your cubs is all I will say!

  2. Sounds like your summer vacation is getting off to a busy start! Hang in there!

  3. We are recovering from our week too! Call me!


  4. Great imagery to go with your words, Dee. My grandson had a bully in one of the schools that he attended and it WAS a drag. My MamaBear got up for him so I think I understand where you're coming from. Yes, good of the girl to apologize.

    Now's a good time for you to play that soothing sounds of the ocean CD:) and kick back with that iced cold Coka.

  5. Hang in there my friend! We did a bout at the middle school with Casserdoo being harassed 2 weeks before school ended. . .I called, the Principal who gathered "evidence" and the child was placed on in school suspension until graduation~meaness is not okay, and most schools don't like it any more than we mama bears do. I'm glad meany girl apologized. I, like you, don't forget. Enjoy your umbrella and coke!


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