Wednesday, January 26, 2011


And I kinda like it!
Too bad it's not staying around here!
A little table quilt to hopefully brighten someone's day!

A fun project to learn a new quilt block on and accomplish a goal I'm late on.  I had originally planned on sending this table quilt

but I had accidentally quilted a scrap onto the back where it would have been too much to pick out all the stitches and fix.  So, it now lives on our dining room table under sea shells we collected by the seashore.

Last night we got to take the younger boys to see

the amazing Harlem Globetrotters.  Do you think we remembered the camera?
Thankfully, a friend whose husband played on the opposing team took some shots and I will nab them from her Facebook page (with her permission).'s one and hubby sweets had a stub with a number on it so we can view a picture on their Facebook page of him and Middleman.  Middleman is doing his world famous finger spin!

We decided one of our favorite moments was a player putting on a wolfman mask and dancing to Michael Jackson's Thriller. We laughed so hard!
Thanks Daddy!
(and thanks Nancy for the photos!)

Something else I've been working on:

I think I posted on flickr that I wouldn't be making any more of these until, like labor, the pain and frustration had been forgotten.
You know...I have three children...and I am a determined woman who hasn't met too many challenges that have stumped me for long.

I started a new quilt just to show myself I really could master this block.
I'm not sure I've mastered it, but I have a start that I like.  I found some Pat Bravo Paradise Double Bloom Taupe at a family excursion to Indy a couple of weeks ago.

The center star of the quilt is made of this way too beautiful fabric.  I then went hunting through the stash to find fabrics that I thought would help give it a scrappy, watercolorish sort of look.

I have a 1 1/2" Humky Dory honey bun that I bought myself for my birthday last year and it's been waiting to tell me what it wants to be.  Last week, as I was looking for scraps and stash to add, I realized the dimensions were perfect for the nine squares.

This is a messy quilt, let me tell ya!  There are y-seams wherever you go in here and lots of finageling to make seams meet just right.  And I have to say, some do in this quilt, and some don't.
But I have learned a lot, added a new block to ones I can sew and hopefully will have another quilt that's unusual and not one you see around much.

Anybody interested in a "how to" post?

Life has been full of helping Middleman write papers for a co-op class.  He's a high school freshman, but his teacher is having them do college level work.  Woo Hoo!  I really enjoy helping him improve his writing and grammar skills.  It's not his best subject, but he's making me proud.

We're also reading Shakespeare's Hamlet.  We checked out the Kenneth Branagh movie version and it's make a huge difference in helping him understand the scenes and characters.  The book we have, also from the library, has quasi cliff notes in it to help explain the language Shakespeare used.

On the Bean front...he'll be representing his 5th grade class in the elementary school spelling bee.  He's not quite sure if he wants to go to Washington though!

I'm spending the rest of the week cutting out fabric ahead of time to take to the Indianapolis Modern Quilt Guild meeting this Saturday the 29th.  It will be the first one I've been able to go to and KT and I are having brunch and heading out together.  Three hours with other quilters working on projects, swapping scraps ( know how I love my scraps) and working on this quilt.  I just bought some much anticipated frozen pizzas (stuffed crust!) for the boyos to munch on while I'm gone.

Can't wait!
Hope the rest of the week treats you kindly with time to sew, health and smile or two.


  1. Wow you are as busy as I am! It would be awesome to have you make a HOW TO for that great block!

  2. That's really neat looking, Dee. I'd love to see a how-to!

  3. I'd love a how-to as well!!! Or maybe a private lesson....after brunch!!

  4. Dee! that is just gorgeous!!! If I were you I would just keep that! lucky person whoever is receiving it!

    I would love a how to also BUT I know it would probably intimidate me and I might also be too lazy! (just being honest!)

    How fun that you all got to see the Harlem Globetrotters, I think that would be a blast to see! I am jealous!!!
    Sounds like you guys are super busy! I am amazed at the amount of homework and hard stuff that my 11th grader has but reality is hitting home and I just wish he was back in 3rd grade again! :(

  5. Nice work! The last larger version is going to be a knockout!! OK... it already is!

  6. ummm.....W.O.W.!!!!!!!! That is amazing and looks unbelievably HARD! This is going to be another breath-taker when it's done! (as if it isn't already!)

  7. Hey busy lady!! You continue to amaze me with your ability to juggle your family and your sewing! The quilt is fantastic. I'd love to see how to when you're not busy.... ha ha...

  8. It is a beautiful topper, and the Jack's Chain is a pattern that has intrigued me for a while - I was just too afraid to attempt it. I would love to know your tips, etc.

  9. You're a brave soul! The quilt is great! Aren't the Harlem Globe Trotters awesome~we take the kids when they visit Chico State! It's always a great show!

  10. Hello wonderful Dee who has the best posts ever. We saw the Harlem Globetrotters once---wasn't it the best show? Your quilt is gorgeous (drool). Yes, a tutorial would be excellent...

    oh! and I love that watercolor like fabric.


  11. That nine patch variation that you are working on (for lack of a better name) is AMAZING! Wow! Can't wait to see how that one turns out!

  12. This is on my list, but since I'm lazy, I may just do half hexies and do it row by row. Perfect for Art Gallery Fabrics. I've got quite a few scraps and 1.5 inches is pefect. Thanks!


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