Monday, January 3, 2011

Quilts for Comfort

and some catching up on "Thank you's" to share with you today.

First off is a PIF (Pay It Forward) from Paloma.  Her blog was one of the first ones I began reading and she was very inspiring in her creations!  If you get a chance, you really need to look at what's she's up to!

Could this be any more fun!  This pincushion is a treasure I will always keep!  The fabric will go to live in my stash and come out to play soon, I hope!  The embroidery thread will be perfect for a project I'm working on and Easter is right around the corner...yummy cookies ahead!
Thank you Paloma!

Next, a huge thank you to Madeline for the cutest Christmas card EVER! and a fun stamp that will come in handy for Christmas projects next year!

Can you believe how awesomely appropriate they are!

December's block for Solidia of the ISQB group.  She's making a scrappy Criss Cross quilt and I just loved her fabrics and the look of the block!  Sew much fun to make!

Isn't this a great block!  Lovin' all those fun, fabulous fabrics!

Solidia's block is the inspiration for my block for January and the IMQG bee that's going on.  I've shared the orange quiltey goodness I've been hoarding and now it's time to use it!

I'm debuting the first blocks for my Quilts for Comfort projects. 
My mom's an awesome inspiration.  Her mental attitude and spirit through 5 years of cancer is amazing!
I've been honored and blessed to sit and visit with her during some of her chemo treatments at the local cancer center.  Sometimes, it's a very hard place to go to.

As part of the treatment, patients receive Benadryl (or something similar) to help them tolerate the drugs better.  This can produce chills and being cold while they're there.
What better way to stay warm than with a quilt!

The instructions for this block end up giving you 32 HST blocks.  You only use 16 for one large block, which means I can have two made pretty quickly once the blocks come back.  I'm only asking for each lady to make one block and to send back the other HST's so I can put together a second one easy peasy.

In with the oranges, I added some aquas to soften up all that orangey warmness.

I love orange and aqua together.  I had so much fun collecting these fabrics from quilt stores all over Indiana and it's even more special because some of the fabric is from a win way back from Rene.  Another awesomely talented blogger you must visit!

Okay, I've used all my brain cells taking pictures, catching up, writing and trying to keep things straight.  I will leave you with the Christmas gifts KT made for me.  A housewife, a reusable shopping bag and (not pictured) a rice muff made of the same loverly material to help my hands and feet when they get cold.  Unfortunately, Lady climbed up on a chair and knocked over the laundry basket my muff was in and ate some of the rice.  KT has promised a repair job when I remember to bring it back to her.
Thanks KT for such beautiful, girley, fun gifts!  You know when my birthday is, right?

Did I mention the shopping bag doubles as a cat carrier? 

We've discovered she likes to take car rides and visit her Mimi.  She snuggles up on my current crochet project and takes a little "cat" nap on the way!

On a sad, but better note, Peek-A-Boo had a horrible bleeding incident last week.  All over the stairs, the downstairs carpet and tile.  She looked like a gunshot victim.  We took her to the vet and he's pretty sure her tumor is cancer.  We didn't opt for the test, because it doesn't matter to us...we wouldn't want her put down unless she was really suffering.  They said she was in great condition for a 20yo cat.  She's eating and drinking well and not in pain.  We bandaged her up and brought her home.  She's had an antibiotic shot and we're nursing her through.

I'm adding a link to Amy's for Sew & Tell Friday and these pictures of the Aloha quilt to share.

Finished since the last Sew & Tell!
Blessings to you all!


  1. So much to look at and admire in this post, Dee! You sure lucked out with the loot! And I do love your orange blocks - that is quilting for a cause, indeed. Also, p.s., I love your new blog header! Happy New Year to you and yours!

  2. You deserved those great gifts! you are such a giving and loving person, you needed to be spoiled!

    I love your quilt too, orange and aqua is my favorite combination! Still praying for your mom and I will pray for Peek a Boo, poor thing!
    Hugs Dee!

  3. your kitty looks so cute inside of her bag. it is hers, you know! hope she gets better soon!

    lots of cuteness here today. loving those orange blocks!

  4. Okay, Wee-kips is tooo cute!!! Miss you!!!

  5. Fun gifts!

    Your blocks are great, as usual! Love the orange.

    Wee-kips is cute in a bag. Hope Peek-a-boo's continues comfortably. I miss my kitty!! Give all yours hugs for me.

  6. Happy New Year Dee!!!! So happy you received such lovely gifts! I am touched to see so many bloggers making quilts for others as this new year gets off to a start. Those orange fabrics look great as HSTs. I'm going to have to remember this block pattern....I have HSTs on the brain. Sure hope your kitty gets to feeling better.

  7. Loving kitty-poo and all your fun thoughts.

    xoxo ~ Madeline

  8. I commented when you first posted this, but I couldn't resist telling you again how in love I am with your Aloha quilt. If you ever need a quilt babysitter, let me know!

  9. Wow, great gifts! Your Aloha quilt is very beautiful, great job. :)

  10. My favorite is your last quilt--looks awesome!

  11. Wow. you've been busy! I Love those oranges togetehr, I see a few of my favorite prints peeking out! (hello orange henna!) And your Aloha quilt is great!

  12. Love those HST combos! I have that bag pattern and just started cutting it out today. i am going to make 5 of them for a Pay-it-forward challange I got on Facebook.

  13. I LOVE the orange squares--so often such an overlooked color, but yours are beautiful!

  14. I love the orange blocks. You make such beautiful quilts.

  15. Everything turned out great. I love the shopping bag.

  16. You have been very busy. I really love that scrappy Criss Cross block. The fabrics are really great.

    I will be praying for you and your mom. I had heard that blankets/quilt were great gifts for chemo patients, but I never knew why. Thank for the explaination.



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