Friday, August 13, 2010


The next couple of weeks will be pretty hectic for us.  And yes, more so than usual as impossible as that seems.  All three boys will be heading back to school, and there is lots to do before, during and after that.

I'm now on bloggy vacation.
Pretending through the next two weeks, I'm at the beach.
And yes, KT, I will be wearing my bracelets.
Are you wearing your flip flop?

See you all soon and hope you stay healthy and that Life treats you kind.


  1. Enjoy your Bloggy break. I can pretend too I'm at the beach!

  2. Life is too fast! Enjoy your break!

    I've been having anxiety about sending Anna to kindergarten. I woke up last night freaking out that she needed new shoes. I know crazy!

    Here's to getting ready for fall.

  3. Ppppppthft! (That is my version of a raspberry) what do you think? Deep cleaning the family room AKA the great book cleanout!!!

  4. Have a nice break, but we'll miss you! I'm headed to the beach one of these days....

  5. Have a wonderful and safe break, see you back soon. xo

  6. Have a nice prep-for-school few weeks!

  7. I hate the start of school. I feel a bit like I'm sending my kids across the street without a traffic guard~you just never know. I'll miss your posts enjoy your days with the boys. . .hugs!


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