Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Stars Over Indiana Quilt Top Blocks

I am forever amazed at how much time parenting takes.  I mean, really, shouldn't some part of my day be about me?  LOL  Not just playing Taxi drive, cook, maid, laundress, teacher, companion, accountant and personal assistant!

That means less time blogging and reading other people's blogs.
Mega bummer.

Firstly, thank you for the words of encouragement from the last post.  I know each of you have battles you're fighting, but it sure helps to know we're not alone and that somewhere out there in bloggy land, live awesome people I wish were my real life neighbors.  You know the ones you can grab and go get a donut and soda with?  Vent.  Listen to them vent.  Laugh.  And then go home much more settled, centered and sane.

In my world, happy packages have been showing up in my mailbox.  From my bee buddies.  You can find them here and here in all their creative, quiltey goodness and genius!

I wanted to share these ladies' beautiful blocks they've made for me.

This sweet, floral block is from Lydia, who has the most gorgeous smile!

Madeline's block with the beachy sand dollar and paisley fabric.  Included in her envelope she sent me was a vintage photo card of the Eiffel Tower, cherub confetti and some Perugina chocolate.  Which is now in my emergency chocolate kit.  But, the way our English class is going, probably won't be there for long.  3.5 ozs of heaven.  Ahhhhhhhh!

Suzanna's block in all it's perfect point goodness.

Solidia's block with a print that reminds me of four leaf clovers.

The block of mums and cool, stripey fabric from Claudia.

And last, but not least, Jennifer's block in all its green and aqua-ey (lol) boldness!

I would encourage a look at all of these women's blogs!  They are amazing!  I am so humbled and excited about having blocks made from all over North America and one day would like to meet Solidia, who lives in my state!

The block I made. 
As the title of my post says, this quilt is going to be called "Stars Over Indiana" since all of the fabrics were collected from Indiana quilt shops we visited on road trips.  I found another shop while traveling for a soccer game.  And Saturday, we travel to a new town for two games so you know what that means!  The Garmin comes out and we go shopping!

So far our soccer team is 0-6.  It's a fairly young, coed team learning the coach and each other.  Middleman is not keeper anymore and is having to learn, sometimes the hard way, the loud way, new positions and plays.  But I love watching them practice and compete!

What part of my sewing area looks like!  Eeks!
Hope this week treats you gently.  I'm hoping to finish up Shelby's memory quilt by the end of next week.
Until next time, piece out!


  1. Gosh, they look amazing, Dee! I'm sorry you don't have mine yet, but I'm happy to report that it is in the post. My husband got sick of looking at my stack of envelopes filled with bee blocks sitting on the table by the front door and took them all to the post office for me. For that, I've decided to renew his contract for another six months, lol! But this quilt is going to look just wonderful - I can't wait to see it all pieced together!

  2. Sanity for me when the kids were young and there was never any time for me: park days. I talked with my friends, the kids played (sometimes) and I found out my struggles were the same as theirs. Somehow that made it all better. ;) Look forward to that beautiful star quilt!

  3. Those blocks are gorgeous!It will be a spectacular quilt.

    Fabric shopping at the away games sounds like the perfect combination! Everyone's happy...

    Take care!

  4. Your stars are gorgeous! but then stars are wonderful :^)

  5. Love all those Starflowers! Going to make one gorgeous quilt!

  6. maybe one day you can sneak off and leave them to their own devices. :o) i love all these beautiful blocks...

  7. I gotcha! It's sometimes completely exhausting, but it's all worth it knowing there is an entire houseful of people who love you more than life! Your stars are beautiful~what lovely treasures to find in the mailbox!

  8. Hi Dee! Thanks for stopping by my blog. :) I made the scarecrow a number of years ago from an old Sears Project book. So much fun! The inside is a block of wood with a foam head wrapped in burlap. Btw, been there with the kids, taxi, run around till your head feels like it will pop stage. It goes by super fast, don't blink! *hugs* Kate (thequilterskitchen.blogspot.com)

  9. Thanks for the lovely compliment on my smile, Dee! I've never liked it, so that was nice to hear.

    This quilt is going to look so great!


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