Monday, October 11, 2010

And so it grows

Hi.  My name is Dee and I am a stashaholic.
I've been one for a little over a year now.
I admit I have a problem.
Well, not really a problem.  Sort of more like a fancy.  Yeah.  That's it.  An affinity for all things soft, bright, happy and useful in a quilt, or table runner or pillow or...whatever I want!

Unfortunately, my picture of the vintage sweetness you see on the bottom of the stack did not make it to the computer.  Wonder how that happened?  Hmmmmm.

Several weeks ago, I went to a quilt store in a nearby town and snagged some gorgeous fabrics I'm already using, thank you very much!  I got home and realized they had charged me for twice the fabric I had bought and a quick call saw me getting an instore credit.  Two of the items I purchased were these Moda charm packs.  Fresh Cottons and Breakfast at Tiffany's.  When you flip through them, you find many, many complimentary colors and patterns.  These two will share a quilt someday.

These were little scraps picked up on a shopping trip with KT not too long ago.  Yummy!

Fabrics auditioning together for a new (yes, yes, I see you other unfinished ones in the corner) project as yet unplanned.  I'm just playin' here, sheesh.  Who would be insane enough to start another WIP?

More new additions to the mix.  The one on the left is from our local Joann's that I've been coveting.  With a 40% sale on their calicos, who could pass this up?  The other two were part of what I purchesed with the store credit.

Lesly's block for September.  A Snail's Trail, which I have always wanted to try and just love.  Her fabrics were so lucious and fun to play with.  I hated to send the scraps back!  But I did.  I try to be good.

Is this where I confess that I messed this up the first go around?  When I finished it, it just didn't look quite right.  Bean had the camera making stop motion Lego Ninja videos or I would have snapped a shot to show how goofy I am.  It was looking at another sampler quilt that was finished and hanging up at the quilt store that I realized I had the QST in the wrong place around the four square.  Some very careful seam picking, pressing and praying allowed me to salvage the fabric and remake it the way it's supposed to be.

Beautiful Autumn days and temps here.
Hope it's happy and sunny where you are.
I'm thinking about temporarily relocating to Australia as it is just now spring there and I hate winter.
Any donations towards my living expenses can be sent to me asap!


  1. ahhh i love to stash. sometimes i think i just like the fabric more than the actual act of quilting...somehow i need to make that work for me....maybe a quilt shop someday in the future. so i can get my stash happy hands on the fabrics but not make anything with them. just happily send them on to new homes.

  2. Love your fabric choices. I also have the Kashmir fabric ( making Hexies) and I'm really lovin' that Breakfast at Tiffany's.

  3. Those are all beautiful fabrics. I don't want to know about any Joann's 40% sales. LOL

  4. I am coming to your house...when you are gone!!!


    Come to my house to play!!!!

  5. Beautiful Fabrics! I'm a sucker for the vintage sheets too! Can't ever get enough of those!! Can't wait to see what you create!

  6. That is YUMMY GOODNESS! look at all that sweet fabric!
    You always get my eyes going with your fabric you put together and the blocks you create! you are a definite inspiration to me :) have a wonderful day Dee! thanks!


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