Friday, January 14, 2011

Sew Much Going on!

Stars Over Indiana
August of 2010 was my month for the ISQB to send out fabrics and have blocks made for me.
I chose a "cheater star" from the Modify Tradition blog in greens, blues, aquas and browns.  See the missing star?  Me neither.  Somewhere in the hubbub, a star went missing or didn't get sent back to me.  No worries!  I have lots of fabric and these are easy peasy to put together!  A new star is on the sewing table, cut and ready to piece together!

This is the first layout after making up the block to go between the star blocks.  I didn't have enough of the original fabric sent out, so I went hunting.  Found some way cool scraps that were just the right size to fill in.
I cut up scraps into a 16 square block for a really fun scrappy look.  I like the way this is turning out-thanks to all my quilting bee buddies!

I also lost 16lbs during the year (the goal of the bee was to lose weight and be healthier), but gained six back after a reinjury of my "ski" knee.  Too many summers playing catcher for our softball team, one too many trips 'round the lake and a big tumble down the slopes a long time ago.  You know, the kind where you get to ride the real cool, orange sled down behind the snowmobile?

Princess Wee-Kips decided to take a stroll across the landscape to check out the blocks and offer her opinion.  She likes all the stars!

A swee little something for a super sweet lady!
Never mind the strings on the left, they just need to be tucked in neatly and then I'll whip stitch the binding on.
Thanks to KT for showing me an awesome way to maching stitch binding on the front of the quilt with a finished edge to hand sew the back down!  Wow!
(not to mention it saves all those around you from getting stuck on pins that you've used to pin the binding on!)

I also managed to send out all my fabric for the IMQG bee.

I even maganed to get some vintage in there in the scrappy blocks!  Always a plus in a quilt. 

Hope this finds you warm, safe and sewing.  I'm linking up with Amy's Sew & Tell, Friday Finish (if she has it this week.  check out what she's been up to on the family front!).


  1. Love, love, love it!! Snuggle Wee-kips for me. See you later!!!

  2. hey this is all so have a lot going on ....bummer about the knee. this stars quilt is so amazing. i love the colors and that you got some vintage in there

  3. Love the Bee quilt. Great choice of fabrics.
    Good for you losing weight. I'm just trying to get moving more to start losing. Maybe I need somebody to chase me. LOL
    Have a great weekend Dee.

  4. beautiful quilt!!! I love the colors.

  5. Awesome colors and great design! This is going to be fabulous!!

  6. Beautiful quilts you are working on! Those colors you chose are fantastic. It reminds me of FMF!

    I have the same ski knee issues. I remember the sled and being in the ski lodge and everyone talking about it. Getting it crazily wrong of course!

  7. DEE! look at all your beauty that you are creating!!! GORGEOUS!!!
    Sorry about your knee but way to go on your weight loss even though you gained some back, I had lost 12 pounds during the year and pretty much gained ALL of it back :( it's a new month right? maybe we can encourage each other :)
    Hugs lovely lady!

  8. Your quilt is gorgeous! I love the colors you chose. I am still not brave enough to join bee!

    So sorry about the re injury. Hope you can get back to feeling strong and achieving the goals you've set.

  9. I just love the Stars over Indiana! And I hope you feel better soon, my friend.

  10. Your bee block quilt is going to be so pretty! I even found my block (after I went to my flickr stream to double check which fabrics I used)! Of course, I think you know how much I love blue and green.


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