Wednesday, April 6, 2011

WIP Wednesday!

A few weeks ago, our homeschooling co-op was asked to partner with two other schools (a private Islamic school and an Indianapolis public school) to compete to win the chance to send a science experiment into space on the last Atlantis shuttle mission. 
How cool is that!

We've been divided into teams and Middleman was (ahem) volunteered (ahem) to be team researcher.  LOL
Ideas have been bursting over heads like little lightbulbs going off.
Food preservatives?
Seedlings in space?
So many possibilities.
Only, nothing flammable.
Gee.  Wonder why?

Through the last week, I decided to add a string border to the Grandma's Dresden Garden block.  I used this tutorial I found while looking at this flickr photostream.

I've decided to sash them with a solid called Lemon Yellow from Joann's and make it a quilt.  It's just not working as a table topper.  I have several more Dresdens made and am working on more string borders for them.

On a medical side note, thanks to all who ask how my mom is doing.  Sunday night she was taken to the ER by my dad.  Two days later, she's home with a stint for a kidney stone.  Evidently these are side effects of the chemo she's on.  Please keep her in your prayers! 

I'm linking up with Lee for WIP Wednesday.  I love looking through other ladies' blogs and seeing all the happy, beautiful projects they're working on.  They really inspire me to get out to the den and sew even on dreary, rainy days.


  1. Love those Dresdens, Dee - that's a great way to showcase them and will make a stunning quilt! Have fun with the science experiment!

  2. That's really cool getting to send something into space.
    I'm really lovin' what you've done to the Dresden. Strings are my favorite. That quilt is going to be great. I can't wait to see the finish.

    Glad to her your Mom is back home. She's in my prayers.

  3. The string border on your block is great, and I like how you put them at different angles.

  4. Wow this is beautiful! I love all the colors!

  5. Absolutely beautiful. love the border on the block too - it completely sets it off.

  6. The string border is wonderful! Lovely colors. Hope things start looking up for your mother.

  7. oh wow, that string border is so cool. I love dresdens, what a great way to set it off!

  8. Hi, Dee! Thanks for visiting my blog...that is how I found your wonderful blog! I love your dresdens! I'm addicted myself. :)

  9. Love the Dresdens . . . I've never made one, but I just LOVE yours!

  10. Oh that is such a pretty border to put around your dresden blocks. And will be a very pretty quilt once it's all together with the yellow sashing.

  11. Gorgeous block! Good luck with the project. That would be very cool! I'm glad your mom is home again.

  12. The string border is a perfect complement to the Dresdens! So glad you've decided to make a quilt out of them. Best wishes for your mom's glad she is home now.

  13. What an amazing bock - using the hexes to create a dresden is inspired and the string border is so striking!


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