Thursday, July 14, 2011

Starry Summer Quilt

top that I started last year is done!

Here it is with only three rows of six,

and here it is with five rows of six and the border!  Can I just say "Yay!"
I pulled it off the WIP pile this week after some yummy vintage came in from Jeni at In Color Order.
I shouldn't share this, but she has beautiful vintage fabric, ships fast and has the cutest bunny named George.

The star blocks are from Modify Traditions blog.  Easy peasy!
They measure 12" finished.  I anchored the corners with some of my favorite vintage prints.  I'm pulling out full size vintage sheets I've stashed to find the perfect one for the back, and once that's done, it's on to basting and quilting.
 It measures 72" x 84" and is just the right size to snuggle under on the hammock (when the mosquitoes allow)!

Hope your summer is going well.  Javi is working part time and loafing part time.  Middleman is still lifeguarding and Ben just gets away with about as much as he can.  God is good! 

Friday, July 1, 2011

Squirrel Baby

That came to visit.
I was sitting out on the swing Wednesday night and heard a strange little sound.  Saw a hosta leaf move and found this little fellow.
Either hit by a car, or fell out of our oak tree.
He couldn't move his body from the middle back down, so I don't think he could have crawled into our yard from the street if a car hit him.
We called the Bird Lady at Yorktown Wildlife Resqu Haus and she had us bring him over.
She was going to call some BSU professors to come get him and nurse him back to health if the paralysis was temporary.

While we were there, we got to meet:

a bittern

Furrby the Screech Owl

Stevie, the blind kestrel

a Barred Owl

five individual Red Tail Hawks

a Peregrine Falcon

and these little cuties, juvenile Screech Owls.
Mrs. Shaffer will take in injured and "unwanted" animals from all over.  Besides our squirrel and the birds pictured, she had baby bunnies, baby starlings, robins, ducks, chickens and sparrows.

I'm hoping this is somewhere Middleman, Bean and I can volunteer at over the summer.  Cleaning cages and helping to feed the animals.

What an adventure!