Monday, August 26, 2013


Progress:  forward or onward movement toward a destination
I haven't had much of a chance the last couple of weeks to put as much time into the repurposed linens quilt as I would like.
We have two kids taking college classes this year.  They both started their school year last week.  One is finishing university and the other, high school.
Our youngest is turning 14 soon and transitioning into 9th grade. 
We've finally been able to put our parenting philosophy into words:  The journey IS the destination.  Right now, I'm sort of flying along the road less travelled of still raising kids full time.
The youngest two started soccer a couple of weeks ago, and while it's awesome to have one drive to practices and class, it seems I've had less "me" time on my hands.  To read.  To clean.  To work in the yard.  To sew.  To make "progress" on so many things I want to do.
My onward movement is to help my kids navigate their school years forward into adulthood. 
I've been doing it for over twenty-one years now, and I know that these next 4-5 years will most times...go very fast.
So I keep parenting them.  Grocery shopping.  Cooking.  Laundry.  Dishes.  Sweeping.  Scheduling appointments.  Shuttling hither and yon.  Nursing injuries and adolescent angsts.  Teaching.  Lecturing.  Nagging...loving.
And I sit.  When I can.  When I have time.  When I'm yet again waiting on someone else to be ready.
And I add another block to the growing pile.
I fiddle.  Rearrange.  Squint.  Rearrange.
And when I hear, "Mom!  I'm ready!", I turn off the iron, hit the light switch and shut the sewing machine down.
And the journey, once again, is full speed ahead.
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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Quiltey Goodness from Generation to Generation

is a plethora of pitfalls for those of us who have QADD.
(Quilter's Attention Deficit Disorder)
These caught my eye a few weeks ago while browsing.
I have a lot of embroidered doilies.  Some inherited, some gifted and recently, I've begun buying them at thrift and antique stores. 
Rescuing ones that have stains and tears and would otherwise languish in the land of crumpled linen limbo.
Case in point.
This lovely had both.
Thanks to "Hen", I had a way to save and repurpose a piece of history and bring it into the modern world of quilting.
This basket was the center of the stained and torn linen doily.  Showcased by some of my favorite scraps from today's designers.  I'll add more ala Wonky Log Cabin style to create something that will be used and loved today and tomorrow.
Sew very happy!
Join me in celebrating quiltey creativity this week!
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Monday, August 5, 2013

Pillow Whisperer

Is sort of what I feel like right now!
The Spring Sprocket Pillow
The Tile Block Pillow
The I Don't Really Have a Name Pillow
And the newest addition, I'm Just Glad To Have Another WIP Off the Pile Pillow!
Ta Da!
This big guy is a supersized take on Camille Roskelley's Flower Girl pattern.
I made his "little sister" last year.
Aren't they sweet together!
"Big Brother" was made doubling the measurements for "Lil' Sis" with an added machine-sewn, hand appliqued hexagon flower in the center.  For quilting, I again chose to mark 1/4" dashes to hand quilt with just plain old embroidery floss.  This time, outlining "petals" on the inside as well as the outside.
The back is a pieced collection of purples, greens, grays and blues.  I was free piecing last winter and had a large enough section done to use for the back.
How fun is this!  There's enough purple there to make even KT jump back on the bandwagon!
Especially since they're her scraps!
I really need to give myself a kick in the patootie and work on this!
Hope this week sees you getting a lot done, smiling plenty and hugging your loved ones as often as you can!
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