Monday, September 15, 2014

We Now Return You...

to a regularly scheduled blog post.
There are a lot of projects I would like to finish up:
the Metro Rings Wedding Quilt for Jon and Rebecca has top priority for quilting though.
(newly weds are so much fun to watch begin their lives!)
I worked faithfully on this and it's almost done...a couple of weeks off to heal a shoulder that didn't quite feel right after a L.O.T. of quilting on this bad boy.
While taking a break, I did manage to choose some fabric for a quilt for our youngest, Ben.
Not my usual colors, but then again, I'm not a teenaged boy.
 The week before the wedding, Jon moved from our house into he and Rebecca's new apartment.
Which meant Chris and Ben now had their own rooms.
Which meant painting the ceilings.  And the walls.  Choosing a new head board, dresser, desk, rugs and things to hang on their walls.  Plus replacing blinds so old, they exploded into individual blades when I attempted to clean them.
Scared the crap out of me to have about a gazillion long, sharp aluminum things flying through the air!
Huge thanks to the Hubs for installing new ones this weekend!
Pinterest had an awesome Amy Smart quilt that I fell in love with.
It was in a huge inspiration for my color choices.  I added some darker colors to match a new desk and a more "manly" man son who is now in high school.
I used this tutorial for a 12" finished block.
Love the easy math and quick chain piecing of this block.
Linking up with women who never cease to inspire me and make me want to sew something beautiful: