Monday, March 2, 2015

You can almost hear the flowers growing...not!

(in my best, least sarcastic Disney singing voice) 
"Do you want to build a snowman?"
No!  I don't want to build a stupid snowman!
I want to build a sandcastle, on the beach, in the sun, where there is no snow!
Instead of temps in the 80's and the beach, we woke up yesterday morning to about 7 or 8 more inches of snow.
On a sunnier, happier note, I was able to spend some time working with the salvaged corners of the embroidered feedsack.
Carole saw "Down from London" printed on the "back".  Thanks Carole for the super sleuthing!  Makes me wonder so many things: what was in the sack? where did it really come from? how old was it? who got the idea to use it for a tablecloth? where did she live?  did she have children? how many? how did it end up at an antique mall?
KT gifted me some Erin McMorris Wildwood scraps several years ago.  They make appearances here and there, but are mostly hoarded for special projects.  Don't they look fabulous next to the embroidered corners?  The gifted scraps measured 2 1/2" square, so I just went with easy math to build my table runner.  We have an oblong table and I wanted a spring themed one that was longer on one side than the other.  It measures out at 24" x 20".  My family doesn't like to have big table runners that have to be pushed out of the way, so this is a great size!
There are some blue scraps from a Moda line and Kaffe Fassett thrown in there to make the blue pop.
Once I sewed the scraps, middle and corners together, I used a thin cotton batting and some large hand stitching to outline the embroidered corners.  Took a page from Dolly's book and quilted circles...but not on the embroidery.
I love this technique!  I used my walking foot and it lays so flat and has such an amazing look!  Definitely be doing this again.  The look is so peaceful and soft!  Thanks Dolly!
Also managed to add seven new Granny Square blocks to the pile and chose a sashing using alternating neutral fabrics with pink and blue scraps.  I found this sashing idea in a quilt magazine and the pattern looks better when it's all finished.  I'm loving the way it looks so far. 
Now if I can just keep a naughty Gizmo from using it as a Slip-N-Slide!
Well, even if she won't behave, she will sit on my lap and enjoy linky parties!
Come on.  Let's all go!