Friday, July 1, 2011

Squirrel Baby

That came to visit.
I was sitting out on the swing Wednesday night and heard a strange little sound.  Saw a hosta leaf move and found this little fellow.
Either hit by a car, or fell out of our oak tree.
He couldn't move his body from the middle back down, so I don't think he could have crawled into our yard from the street if a car hit him.
We called the Bird Lady at Yorktown Wildlife Resqu Haus and she had us bring him over.
She was going to call some BSU professors to come get him and nurse him back to health if the paralysis was temporary.

While we were there, we got to meet:

a bittern

Furrby the Screech Owl

Stevie, the blind kestrel

a Barred Owl

five individual Red Tail Hawks

a Peregrine Falcon

and these little cuties, juvenile Screech Owls.
Mrs. Shaffer will take in injured and "unwanted" animals from all over.  Besides our squirrel and the birds pictured, she had baby bunnies, baby starlings, robins, ducks, chickens and sparrows.

I'm hoping this is somewhere Middleman, Bean and I can volunteer at over the summer.  Cleaning cages and helping to feed the animals.

What an adventure!


  1. Ah poor squirrel! Glad you rescued him. That looks like a great place to volunteer!

  2. That would be such a fun thing to do for the summer. What a sweet little squirrel . I love barred owls. Did it clack it's beak at you?

  3. Such a nice story and great pictures. Hope he gets better.

  4. I'm glad the baby made it to your house, you know some folks would probably not know what to do. I've gotta show my Larry this post, Dee, he is gonna love seeing all these birds!

  5. THanks so much for sharing your visit - very cool collection of creatures!

  6. AWWWW! your little squirrel is such a sweet little thing!
    Love all your other creatures you got to visit...great pictures too!

    did you get my email? THANK YOU for everything! you are way tooo generous! I about fell over when I received the package!

    I can't commment on some blogs for some weird reason...tell KT I keep trying hers!


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