Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The "Useful" Basket

When I first started reading quilting blogs, I came across the cutest tutorial for a smallish, fabric basket from the Pink Penguin.

I made it for Christmas gifts one year for teachers and "special" friends.  I have three of them being "useful" around our house too.

Each year, our homeschooling coop gives out scholarships to two of our outstanding graduating seniors.  We have a Senior Cake Off, Cupcake Auction, Silent Auction and anything else we can throw in the pot to raise funds for the scholarships.

This year, I'm selling "Useful" baskets.  I have one made up and sitting at our Welcome table on class day.
They're $5 a piece and made entirely of scraps or fabric that's been gifted to me and leftover batting.

No cost, except labor, for me.
Financial benefit for the scholarship fund.

I've sold three already!
It isn't a lot, but every dollar goes to help a senior buy books, meals, necessaries as they go off to college!


  1. That's great Dee. My DD's school should have done something like that. Books are expensive!

  2. That's cool of you to be making these Dee! I bet you could up the price and still sell these baskets, as long as you let people know it's for a fund. :)

  3. LOVE that Dee! what a good cause! I have made one of those baskets in the past but I think I need to make another :) yours is soo pretty!

  4. Awesome deal for a cute little basket! I hope you sell a bunch. What a wonderful donation of your time.

  5. very cute. these little baskets are good for so many things!

  6. these are so great...i need something like that for lots of messy piles i have around my house. i am going to have to check out that tutorial


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