Monday, October 21, 2013


...really helps motivate me!
What about you?
Lady certainly disagrees with me.  She just wants to nap on the cozy-comfy chair with a quilt and some pillows!
Speaking of Sunshine...have you seen Tanya Wheelan's line "Sunshine Roses"?
Here is a snippet that really caught my eye!
Love the vintage-ness of it all!
I was able to add another row to the Linens Quilt.
Here it is from the top of the stairs.  At night.  Not a great picture.  You know the drill.  Shorter days, autumn blahs moving in for overcast days...
It's about 3' x 5' (that's how big the rug is and how I know...LOL).  So here's where I need some help. 
Do I keep adding to it (my inclination), or do I call it a day and put on a border for a lap-ish size?
I also took this little piece and backed it with batting and quilted straight lines along the seams on either side.  I will add a back from another half-started project.  The fabrics are mostly vintage and just raw-appliqued onto the gingham.
Another pillow for the kids to rest on!  I love walking in and seeing them wallowing in a pile I've made!
Two WIP's put to good use.
And I added another row to the Scrappy Trip Quilt.  Sheesh.  It only took, like, about....months!  LOL  The three on the left side are new.  I wasn't sure about the top, left dark! but I like the balance it gives the blue.  I had been individually cutting the squares 2" x 2" and sewing them...but I might try the strip method for the next one?  Might help make things go faster, but I don't want to lose the effect I have going on.
What about you?
Are you sewing anything fun? useful? frustrating? uber-cute?
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  1. I vote to keep going on the Linens quilt... it's so pretty! And, I love your Scrappy Trips. Even though it's more work, I love the look of all those different squares. It's really, really lovely.

  2. I think the linens quilt would be even more fantastic larger.
    Love your scrappy trips. You really need to try the strip method. See how it works and you should be able to continue in the same way you started. So easy and satisfying!
    The shorter days are taking its toll on me too. A bit worse this year than last...

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE the scrappy trips! That one is filled with sunshine!

  4. Keep going on the linen quilt, it is lovely!

  5. Your scrappy trip along is beautiful. I love how your fabric choices are both vibrant and soft.

  6. I love your scrappy trip quilt. Never tire of seeing these beauties come together. Mine own is a long way off from being done.

  7. Lovely Dee! The strip method is way quicker, and a little addictive too. Especially if you tend to get a little giddy over quick progress.


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