Monday, March 31, 2014


Here is some information about the Strip Tube Ruler some of you were asking about.
You can find the instructions for using it at Cozy Quilt.  I picked mine up at a LQS and it sort of got lost on my sewing table until recently.  Very easy to use by making a "tube" of fabric strips by sewing your fabric, right sides together, on the top and the bottom (see the link).
Then rotary cut your HST.  This ruler can also be used to square up HST's that aren't first sewn into a tube (which is what I did for mine and I didn't need to "math" my way to figure the size I wanted). 
Progress continues on the Metro Rings Quilt.
Currently sewing all the pieced arcs (there are 96 of them!) together to form the 48 blocks.  Decided that the dark Kona gray I originally was going to use just wasn't working for me and opted for this fun, aqua polka dot.  The next step after sewing all the "arcs" into sets is to cut the setting triangle fabric.  These will go at the "top" and "bottom", as oriented here, of these pieces.
Cutting out the fabric was a bit of a challenge and a little bit tedious to someone who likes a more meandering and less organized approach to piecing a quilt top.  You cut strips the WOF (width of fabric) to cut your pieces out for the background and setting triangles.  Once that is done and you have your "arcs" gets a lot better!
When the Swoon craze was going around, I downsized the pattern on my own with some wailing and gnashing of teeth.  Camille Roskelley has since come out with a mini pattern for this much loved block.  Four of her pieced blocks will make a 19" x 19" mini quilt.
My blocks (these photos date September of 2011!) ended up 11" x 11" sq. 
Four of them are sewn together using a scrappy sashing...but since these are the next WIP to be finished, I will probably take that off.  I've had suggestions of a table runner, but I have plenty of those right now, so I might take a page out of Thimble Blossoms book and make a mini quilt.
Hoping today finds you sewing, even just a little bit!
these are the linky parties to drool over for creative inspiration and motivational encouragement!


  1. DEE!!!!!! what beautiful blocks and quilting you have going on!!!! (as always!) you inspire me so much! love everything you do, my friend!
    God Bless!

  2. I love your Metro Ring quilt arcs This quilt is going to look a dream when you have finished. The fabrics chosen are gorgeous. Swooning over your wonder it's a popular design. That strip tube ruler looks magic!! Hope you are having a lovely week!!

  3. you are so talented and make the most beautiful things

  4. The colors in ALL the pictures are just so amazing. Great project.

  5. The blocks look great together! I love the strip tube ruler, I make all my half square triangles that way when I need a ton for a project, so much easier!

  6. Love your swoon blocks, fabric selection is stunning. Would make a beautiful mini quilt wall hanging!

  7. I love your mini swoon blocks! They are adorable. I can't wait to see the finished project.

  8. Swoon blocks look great, love the scrappy but co-ordinated look of them all!

  9. Love the Metro Rings. I'm sure they will make a beautiful quilt!

  10. all of these are beautiful but I just love your swoon! I am working on one right now as well :)

  11. So soft. So pretty.

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