Tuesday, July 1, 2014

A Finish and Happy July!

May and June just flew by at our house!
Quiltey happenings include:
The Metro Rings whimsy was finished, and judging by the look on the Bride-To-Be's face, approved!
This quilt finishes out at 57" x 76".  Just the right cuddle size for them.  I'm currently quilting this on my Janome at home and will share pictures when it's finished.
Which wasn't by the wedding and probably won't be by the time the newly weds return from the honeymoon!
And I'm okay with that.
June also saw me puzzling over this package:
that was found when Jon and Rebecca moved furniture from our sunroom into the apartment they have rented here close by.
I opened the bag and found orphaned blocks and a pattern.
Back in January of 2011 (yes, that is 2011!), it was my turn to have blocks made for me from the ladies of the Indianapolis Modern Quilt Guild for our member bee.
I chose a Criss Cross block using oranges and aquas.  I asked each member to make two blocks and the ones in the bag were the ones that came back wonky, over-or-undersized or just not quite right.
Here are some shots of the first quilt finished using the "good" blocks I was sent back.  When you join a bee, you always hope all the blocks come back perfect...but the reality is that every quilter has different skill levels...and that's okay!  Some of my blocks were sent back because that member didn't want to mess us the points or didn't have time to do both...or even one...block.
It's definitely a learning curve for everyone!
This one ended up as a Quilts for Comfort quilt for a chemo patient at the cancer center where my mom has her treatments.  Out of the dozen or so that came back "good", I paired the pattern down to just nine blocks for a respectably sized lap quilt.
I sashed the blocks using scrappy blues and a vintage sheet for the binding.
The other blocks and the pattern got stuffed into the Ziploc baggie and stashed in the sunroom with other quilt stuff.
During one of my "breaks" from the Metro Rings quilt (lest I end up hating it!), I carefully unpicked seams, trimmed, resized and sewed the blocks in the bag back together and made a few more myself to complete another whimsy for me to keep and use here at home.
This time I sashed the blocks using setting squares and sashing from a super soft vintage sheet in blues.
My two handsome assistants helped me take a picture in the backyard.  I might try to add another, wider sashing to this to beef up the size.  I ended up making four blocks out of some of the returned fabric and supplementing with new scraps to get these nine blocks. 
This weekend saw one of my finest "finishes" ever...but it's really just a beginning!
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  1. what a happy surprise, finding those orphan blocks! I love the orange & aqua colors of your sweet little quilt

  2. My..what a wonderful month you've had, culminating in a gorgeous wedding!! Your Metro Rings is sublime....perfect in every way and your criss cross quilt is a ray of sunshine. It seems June has been filled with oodles of gorgeousness!!

  3. Wow, great post and lovely wedding! Congrats! xo

  4. Love your Metro Rings. It is on THE List... Each time I see one, it moves up. Thank you for the inspiration. And what a lovely bride!!

  5. I love both of those quilts. The orange is so cheerful! And I've been eyeing the metro rings pattern myself. Great job!

  6. ok your metro rings quilt is GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!! looks very hard but so worth it! just beautiful! and that criss cross quilt, well I LOVE orange and blue together and that quilt just makes me smile!!!!!!!!! amazing!

  7. The wedding was perfect!! Love the quilts too!

  8. So fun to read about your surprise find and what you did with it! Congratulations on the beautiful wedding as well!

  9. I like the Metro rings quilt...sort of reminds me of double wedding ring. As for the surprise find finish, those colors sing together! So glad I found you! And congratulations are in order....lovely, happy photo!

  10. Love both versions of the quilts with sashing, very pretty :)

  11. Congratulations on the quilt and the wedding!

  12. Such pretty quilts!! I see you tackled the Metro Rings pattern;)! Fabulous job Dee!!

    Beautiful bride and groom! They look very happy and excited!!

  13. Beautiful quilts - both of them. Love green and blue together and orange too so it's hard not to. :)

  14. I've just found your blog and enjoyed starting to read through your posts. I was especially interested in what you said about blocks from the sewing bee as I have been organising a quilted altar frontal for our church and have found it difficult as people's work is of such different standards - do have a look at it here http://www.addisonembroideryatthevicarage.co.uk/2014/09/04/altar-frontal-september-update-joining-begins/ (patchwork + embroidery) if you have time.


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