Monday, November 17, 2014


Progress on Ben's Churn Dash!
Decided on straight-line quilting along the inner seams vertically and horizontally.  This is a bulky quilt to work with on my Janome.  But once this part of the process was finished...
I started marking out lines for some large stitching by hand.  I take a ruler and mark 1/4" lines in the white and then hand quilt with floss in the same color as the block's fabric.
A couple of weeks ago, I pulled these fabrics for a very special birthday gift for our niece.
I used this tutorial for the Messenger Bag.  Easy to follow and I modified it to put a parachute buckle on it.  When you're ten, it helps!
Here are all the components ready for assembly. 

The finished bag!  She loved it!  It goes together quickly and I'm not a pattern person...really appreciate the ease following her tutorial.
Over the last several weeks, Ben has joined the Civil Air Patrol.  If you have never heard of it...Google it and see if you have one in your area.  This is an amazing program with so many opportunities and ways to give back to your community.  He will be learning all about and taking part in Emergency Services such as Search and Rescue, Disaster Relief, Humanitarian Services, Air Force Support, Counterdrug, Aerospace Education, Leadership Training, Physical Fitness, and Moral Leadership Training.
This weekend, he and fellow cadets were able to spend a lot of time in the air flying.
He actually got to fly at the controls for about fifty minutes!  It is a huge thing to let your child climb into a four-seater plane and take off...knowing they will be in control and so high above you.
We are very proud of him and excited for what lies ahead!
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  1. Love to see that someone else is still hoarding OZ fabric! The bag you made with it is super cute.

  2. Your Churn Dash is coming along nicely. I love the hand quilting. Cool bag...lovely fabrics. Well done Ben. His future is looking exciting. It would have been a little scary with you way down there on the ground looking up at Ben way up there in the heavens!

  3. Great bag!!! Love that boy, and his Mama!!! Glad he is back on the ground! 😳

  4. Beside all other things shown I mostly love that cute bag! Kind regards, Annett

  5. Cute bag and I think the hand-stitching on that quilt will look great. Congrats to your son, that sounds thrilling!

  6. What a great bag! hmmm I might have to try that one! and that churn dash is amazing, you always inspire! yay for that boy of yours too! you must be one proud mama!


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