Monday, January 19, 2015

Make Quiltey-Goodness

When Life hands you scraps, make some quiltey-goodness.
Sew, Gizmo decided to help me quilt another UFO whimsy this week.  LOL  Here she's inspecting my stitch length.
This is one of the first quilts I started here at this house (over ten years ago!).  It's such an old WIP that I can't even find the pattern for it anymore!  But it has some of my (then) favorite fabrics and it seemed like a good time to pull it out and make a start.
Two weeks ago, I was fiendishly quilting the Prairie Cottage Lone Star Quilt.  Thank you for all the sweet comments and good wishes for my mom and dad.  Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers.  Last week had been a little harder than others for her, but she did manage to get a full round of chemo Tuesday.
Thank you!
Right before we left for Gulf Shores pre-Christmas, I burgered up my left elbow/arm.  We drove to Gulf Shores and I'm a left-handed driver (thanks Mom!) which means my left arm is almost constantly propped on the window rest while I'm driving.  Didn't help my arm at all!
This is a monster quilt to wrestle on my machine and dining room table!  The only table big enough to support this sucker!  It is cumbersome!
Straight-line and meandering quilting.
Lots of Alleve being consumed, so I decided to take a break and let my arm and elbow have a rest from the "stress" of quilting such a heavy quilt.  S-Crap!  I really wanted to finish this one too.  Oh well,  cleaning up my sewing space seemed like the thing to do instead (not to mention it's always needed).
Until I found my pile of blue treasures.
Picking scraps, sewing them together and pressing them is a whole lot lighter and easier work than quilting the "Monster" and more fun than cleaning!
Life handed me scraps (bum arm/elbow) so I decided to make some quiltey-goodness!
Pretty little posies starring in the center of some sort of wonky Log Cabin blocks.  They were rescued from a vintage tablecloth I found last year in a small, dark thrift store.  This tablecloth had a huge, orange stain in the center, but some very pretty handwork around the edges.  Aren't they sweet!  I love the tiny little, gray French Knot at the center of the flowers!
Blue birds of happiness!  A stained and torn vintage pillowcase became the center of a table topper that I am just in love with.
Okay, time to not go get dressed, blow off the housework and cuddle up in a cozy chair for some delicious eye candy!


  1. Quiltey goodness is right! Love how you incorporated the embroidery into the piecework. Good for you quilting up that UFO. It really is sweet and deserved to be finished! Praying for your mom.

  2. So pretty! I love what you came up with. Scraps can be so much fun. Hope your elbow feels better and you can finish that quilt son.

  3. I love your fabric choices! Especially the center of the table topper-- great way to reuse vintage fabric!

  4. Everything you'd show us in this post is beautiful! I love the embroidery in the first picture. I love the flowery fabric of your big quilt. And the blue-treasure piece is gorgeous. What a great idea to use that vintage fabric. And to add tiny flowers in the middle of your log cabins. (That's an idea I'll keep in mind.) And I love your writing too!

  5. You are incredibly creative! Love your Lone Star quilt.

  6. Ooooh I am squealing with utter delight at the sight of all these pretties. How sweet is the first whimsical! AND I was wondering how your gorgeous log cabin with the embroidered lovelies was going....I am hanging out for the completion of that one. You never fail to set my heart racing, Dee, at your lovely posts filled with so many pretties. I always click on your blog and know that whatever you have decided to reveal to us each week that I will be oohing and aahing for days to come. You never fail to inspire! Your blog makes my heart smile. Praying for you and your mum and your dad. Hugs xx

  7. Your quilts are always so beautiful!

  8. I love the fabrics in that Lone Start Quilt: Gorgeous!

    I have the same problem with my machine and big quilts. Fortunately most of what I make are throw, baby, and twin size....the few bigger quilts I've done, I've sent out to be quilted, which makes it so much easier to deal with :-)

  9. What a fabulous find in that tablecloth, and you made such a pretty spotlighting of the birds from it. LOVE the giant star - fantastic work there. And I absolutely adore the way you did the hair on the girl applique in the top photo - is that part of a quilt?

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  11. I love what you have done with the tablecloth & log cabins... very pretty & so resourceful! Linda


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