Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Mail Call!

This sweet pile of perfect pink and orangeness was waiting for me this weekend in the mail.
Rene' had a giveaway not too long ago.  And Saturday, while I was away on a three hour drive there, three basketball games, three hour drive back day...the mail lady delivered so much kindness and care to my mailbox, that it was probably bursting at the seams.  Rene' read how I was saving these colors for a quilt and generously, thoughtfully sent along some beautiful fabric to help my stash grow!

Also in the envelope were these stunningly lovely notecards wrapped with so much care!  The ribbon reads "Blessings".  Too much!

And then, out slid this pattern book!  Which I'm just dying to get into...but I'm trying to be "oh so patient" until after Christmas!  LOL  Most people want to open things before then, but I'm going to have to wait until some of my Christmas projects are done and given away!

Rene', what a blessing you have been to me.  Your blog is a wonderful place to go and be inspired and share in your life!  Thank you for being such a sweet person, loving mom and the kind of friend we should all be and want to have!


  1. What a nice burst of sunshine amidst all of this cold! You're a patient soul to wait 'till after Christmas to dig in. . .Have a good day Dee~

  2. what a sweet gift!!! all those thing share so lovely and it was so nice of her to send them your way.

  3. That is a wonderful mail call! you are a lucky woman! I can only imagine the projects you are going to make with that material, I know it will be something wonderful!
    I also have that book, it is good! have fun with all your goodies!

  4. Dee, so glad you like the goodies. I had fun picking them out for you. So glad you noticed the Blessings ribbon...saw that at JoAnn's and knew exactly what and who to use it for. Have a great day.

  5. P.S. Keep forgetting to tell you that I like your new photo header. I also love your Rose of Bethlehem scripture on the sidebar.


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