Wednesday, December 9, 2009

One Day and a Quilting Bee

Randi over at "I have to say" is one smart, sweet and giving lady! 
Please take a minute to read this:

Our church takes part in a ministry called "One Day to Feed the World" each year and we donate one day's income to help feed those in need, here in the states and around the world. The organization is able to take the money they receive and multiply it times four through the help of corporate sponsors:

"Your gift, equal to one day’s wage can help change the world for suffering people. With the help of corporate sponsors, Convoy of Hope can multiply a $100 gift into $400, or more, of life sustaining goods. Everyone can participate in One Day to Feed the World.

Imagine, you take the equivalent of one day’s pay, give that to help hurting people and Convoy of Hope can multiply that gift by at least 4 times! You have the power to make a difference in the lives of people that are hurting, or people that are victims of a disaster. You can have an impact, by participating in One Day to Feed the World!"

Well, today is my "One Day".

100% of today's profits from my shop's sales will be donated directly to the One Day organization. I am very excited about working with an organization that uses it's money so effectively. Also, this is the first time in many, many years that I have actually had my very own income to give to something like this.

Aubry also wanted to participate and she made three dolly-slings to sell in my crafty shop. 100% of the money she makes will be given to the organization as well. Her willingness and desire to take part in this makes my heart smile.

So, if you have been wanting to buy some fabric from my shop, please do it today. And if a dolly-sling fits the bill for someone on your Christmas gift list, feel free to snatch one up.


I've bought fabric from Randi before and let me tell you, the shipping was instantaneous, the service was above and beyond anything I've ever ordered and this is an awesome cause to be part of!

Heard around our house lately.
Hubby comedian: Two blondes walk into a bar.
Me: And?
Hubby comedian: You would have thought at least one of them would have seen it!

Never a dull moment here, let me tell you!

I joined a Virtual Quilting Bee!  Yes.  Me.  I've had so much fun with the mini quilt exhanges I've been part of, I thought I would take the next step and commit to 12 months of quilting with and for strangers.  Not really strangers because I've been following some of their blogs for a while now.

We're called "The Incredible Shrinking Quilters" because not only are we quilting for each other's benefit, we're going to encourage each other to eat more healthy, exercise and become more physically fit and lose weight for 2010. 

My first block to sew's instructions and fabric came in the mail this weekend.

Now, I can also fill in with creme colors from my stash to help Jessica make a "Coffee and Brown Sugar Quilt" to celebrate her giving up coffee as part of the health and fitness challenge of the bee.

We have a flickr group and a blog we're using to keep in touch!  Jessica told us in the blog that "I sent out a selection of beige, cream, and/or brown fabrics with a smaller piece of a deep turquoisey blue. Please make one 9 x 9" finished (9.5" unfinished) block of your choice. Any traditional or slightly wonky (think maverick stars) pieced or appliqued block is fine, but please chose something that works on point (i.e. don't applique your scene without rotating the foundation first!) Please use the blue in or towards the center, if possible."

She also linked some potential blocks she would like us to make and after consulting with her,
this is my block.

Originally uploaded by Marci of Quilter's Cache
Paper pieced perfection!

On the weather front...went to bed last night with a barometrically induced migraine, got the boys up for school, took medicine and went back to bed to sleep it off.  Middlest of course doens't mind, because he gets to sleep in too!

I woke up to ice pelting our western window and the most brilliant sunshine streaming in through the southern window.  Looked out the back (northern) to see a sky as black as night!  We have high wind alerts today.  I've been lifting our son, Javi, up in prayer this winter season driving on the roads.

Safety for all today!


  1. Dee that is a wonderful thing to do. congrats on joining the quilting bee that is going to be so exciting and i am looking forward to seeing your progress.

  2. Dee, thanks for sharing about Randi's One Day to feed the World ministry. That is an awesome way to help those in need. Good for you for joining a quilting bee. Sounds like a lot of fun, and I am sure you will enjoy the experience. Keep warm and dry in that "lovely" weather you are having.

  3. Oh I hope you are feeling better Dee! I am a migraine sufferer too, they are horrible.
    I pray you have a great time in your quilting bee!
    Thanks also for sharing the generousness of Randi, what a blessing huh?!!

  4. "your block" looks like a fun one Dee! I hope you're feeling better!


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