Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Even Javi is wondering where I am!
As his high school graduation looms around the corner, we're steadily crossing things off the "to do" list around the house.  Yesterday, he painted the front door frame etc.  Today he will go back and touch up the house where he accidentally got white on the green.  He did an awesome job!

Mother in love has this incredible carpet cleaner!  Holey cow it's powerful.  I'm thinking of asking Hoover for a corporate sponsorship for our family.  We'll showcase their products and attest to the wonderfulness of them all!  I have to tell you, I was worried about our floors.  I try to clean them at least twice a year, but last year my Mom had surgery and it just didn't get done.  I don't think guys who change oil for a living saw darker liquid coming out of those oil pans than what came out of our carpets.  Ick!  I feel so much happier and healthier now they're clean.

Working on the flower beds today.  Some tomato plants to get in pots and a hosta to plant.  Mom dropped off some orphans from her bed at the lakes.  They'll go in the "incubating" beds in the back.  Raised beds where I plant baby perennials to see how they will do and grow, veggies for the squirrels family, roses, sunflowers, morning glories and whatever else gets plunked down in them.

Raspberry swirl, wave petunias my buddy Judy saved back for me at the greenhouse.

I'd like to work on my May block for the ISQ bee.  It's been so long since I've done any real sewing on fun, quiltey things.  Most of my time has been spent finishing the room, keeping the laundry monster from eating our home, end of the school year activities, working in the yard or gardens and schooling.

Middleman is down to three days at our local middle school.  Dissecting sheep eyes this week.  Yummy!  He finished Spanish I yesterday and will start the next year as soon as hubby techno love installs it on the new computer or rebuilds something somewhere????? from the old laptop.

Keeping it real

in the family room.  You can barely see the ladder by the elliptical.  I have two spots to touch up and its finished (except for trim).  Almost forgot, the stairs are getting cleaned today.  I hate this normally, but maybe the new carpet cleaner will make it much better!

Hope you all have a great day where you are.  Don't forget to stop and enjoy the flowers-tell someone you love just how much you do love them!


  1. Hey Dee, busy much??? Your garden is beautiful and I love your bright new room with the sun hitting your gorgeously redone couch! You keep keeping it real but make sure and take some time for yourself in there!


  3. you are one busy lady!!! you have such a pretty garden

  4. A busy mom is a happy mom! We're winding down here too. The empty flower pots are calling my name~this weekend after daughter #2 is through with 8th grade promotion activities. And if it ever stops raining! Best to Javi~happy graduation!


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