Tuesday, July 13, 2010

What would you name it?

I am quite the happy camper.
Basketball camp is over.
Javi survived his surgery with minimal swelling and ate pizza Sunday night.
I finished the top to a quilt I started last summer.
I finally figured out how I wanted the back to look as well.
I will be purchasing batting today or tomorrow using gift cards from some very thoughtful family members given as birthday presents.

Now, I just need a name.

(thank you tall people for helping me get such a great shot!)

This quilt has two firsts for me.  My first wonky Log Cabin blocks coupled with mitered borders.  I used a vintage sheet I had with stripes that compliment many of the colors of the blocks.  The stripes don't match up in the corners like they should, but hey, this is a first and I think I did a darn fine job on them!  LOL  The "whatever you call them, 'cause I know they have a name, I just don't know it" smaller squares are fun pieces of scraps left over from piecing the blocks.

I really scratched my head on the back.  I had the rest of the striped sheet laid out to use, but just couldn't get into it.  I knew I wanted to repeat the theme of the Log Cabin blocks on the front, but didn't want to do the exact same pattern.

I will share this when I get the quilt pinned/basted for quilting.

Aren't my two helpers so tall! 
Bean and Middleman helped make homemade pizza for lunch.
My boys are growing up.

Linking up with Amy for Sew and Tell, Friday Finish.  Last week had some incredibly beautiful finishes.  Sorry if the link didn't work, you can read why on Amy's blog!  lol

Hope you go and support and encourage these gifted and talented ladies with your kind comments!

Happy Weekends to us all!


  1. Your quilt is gorgeous. The colors are tranquil and comforting. Are the small blocks call corner stones?? Not sure..... Good job on the mitered border!

  2. Hurray on finishes and getting through tough stuff.

    Very pretty, especially with the mitered stripes! No help here with a name. I'm not very creative that way.

  3. I'll say "setting squares" for the small ones in the sashing ?
    I LOVE the fact that your helper's feet are showing, and one pair faces forward, and one pair backwards ! They didn't know if they were coming or going !
    It reminds me tiles, so with the first comment above, I would think "Tranquil Tiles"......but sounding fancy, I'd probably nickname it "Celeste".

  4. Uhm,"Cabin Fever", "Quiet Chaos","Cabins and Cornerstones", "Mayhem Maintained". I will probably think of them all night!!!

    Hugs to you and all the garden trolls!

  5. this looks really nice! i can't to see the blocks up close!

  6. well let me start by saying how gorgeous this is. it is amazing and i love it. i don't name my own quilts....should i? bad me. anyway...it looks very much like sherbet colors to me(is that because i am hungry all the time?) so sherbet madness? not good huh? i did not think so. the mitered corners also look wonderful, lest i be completely sidetracked by how tasty those colors are to me.

  7. I like Leslie's idea about sherbet.

    "Rainbow Sherbet"
    "Watercolors" (because it reminds me of of a beautiful watercolor painting.)

    It's beautiful!

  8. I love your quilts. I really love your table runner with the vintage fabrics. Is there a tutorial on the block you did ? it looks like a log cabin combo type block, i would love to try to make one. Thanks for your help! Barb

  9. Beautiful..the only name that keeps poping into my head is "steping stones" :)

  10. I really wanted to come up with a clever name for you, but I've got nothing.... That quilt is absolutely gorgeous whatever you name it!

  11. Your quilt is just gorgeous!!
    Sincerely ~ Tricia
    Ps. I have a new little page on my blog titled "bartering" where I have quality handcrafted jewelry that I am hoping to barter for fabric. Please drop by when you can. I'd love to have you over! :o)

  12. Hmm, a name...There was a Crooked Cabin. Whatever you name it, it's beautiful. Thanks for sharing. Happy Sewing! :o)


  13. Wish I was good at naming! It is beautiful, and I love when quilts have vintage sheeting!

  14. Very pretty, Dee. I love the colors. How about garden patches? LOL I don't usually name my quilts, it's too difficult.

  15. how about "summer squares?"
    i struggle with quilt naming too (i just posted about it on my blog too haha)

  16. How about "Summer Cabin"? Whatever you name it, I call it beautiful! It's so summery-feeling, and the striped border is just right. Great mitered corners!

  17. I love the colors. It is so soft and pretty. Maybe you could call it 'summer watercolors' or 'Monet's Flower Garden' or something. You did a lovely job.

    And speaking of flower gardens, I love the little peek of your garden we can see behind the quilt. It looks like a lovely, shady spot to hang out. Thanks for sharing!

    xo -E
    (visitng from Show & Tell Friday)

  18. Oh I really like this! So calm yet fun and colorful. Such a pretty pretty summer quilt!

  19. A very pretty quilt! I thought of Summer Cabin for a name because the quilt has such a pretty, summery flower-color feel to it.

    The little squares are called corner squares. :)

  20. Lovely quilt! I agree with the Rainbow Sherbet idea!

  21. Such a pretty quilt! Your mitered corners came out great ... thanks for sharing!

  22. Beautiful! Makes me think of ice cream...I wonder why?! lol... So sweet.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

  23. I'm glad all went well with the surgery. Pizza is the best! I love the quilt top! It looks like water colors. Have fun shopping!

  24. Lovely! Such cheerful colors. Somehow, I keeping thinking "Sherbet". I really like the striped, mitered border. It's perfect for the quilt.

    Glad the surgery went well.


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