Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Life Saver!

Okay, so August is my month for the bee.
Collecting fabric since January.
All over Indiana.
Butt side up over the scrap bins in quilt stores.
I.  Am.  Determined.
(and yes, I'm sure it was ugly!)

This is a sample block I made yesterday that will go into the quilt.

Remember these fabrics?

I can't wait to start getting blocks back!

A little known secret about me:
I hate licking envelopes.  (as opposed to Bean who thinks he's in heaven getting to lick them closed)  Ick!
For weeks now, I've been trying to figure out how to secure the envelopes I'm sending in the mail without having to deal with packaging tape (which envelopes me and I get stuck to myself and whatever else might be in the room-I am not coordinated enough to even load and work the little gun you can buy to "help" you).

Okay, so this morning.
Dread Day.
Shipping day.
Thank you Lesly for resending me all the addresses.  Thank you printer for not being compatible with my laptop and for the computer room behemoth that is soooooo ssssslllllooooowwww that trying to print something is like watching mold grow.

When, like a gift from heaven, I remembered the spray bottle I use to wet the boys' hair down for haircuts.  I've relearned a wonderful word.  Frugal.  Which is what I am since I've been cutting their hair for almost 16 years now.  Hubby too.  $40 every six weeks for a year is about $344 more than I want to spend on hair.  Especially when the boys were little and were at the doctor almost every week with something.  You know how it is?  That's a lot of milk.  A lot of cereal.  Prescriptions for antibiotics for ear infections!

Here they are, ready to go with my new best friend.  Once I got over the mishap of someone who shall remain nameless turning the nozzle to stream, cleaning off my glasses that got sprinkled and flipped it back to spray, I was in business.
In under 2 minutes, they were sealed and my tongue did not have to touch one.
Some things in life do work for you!

Today I'm dealing with a dog who woke up gagging.  Not sure why, but I think she was given something that didn't agree with her tummy.  Hurling doggies.  Awesome.

Bean, who wants to watch Jaws and 12 Days of Terror before we go on vacation to the Gulf.  Who wants a library visit to get books about sharks.  Greaaaaat.

Kids who aren't even up 5 minutes and need to be sat down at the kitchen table for daring to cross the demilitarized zone.  Sweet.

A teenager who's needing to fly.  And needs another transcript copy from the school I just luuuuuuv to go to! 

Hottest day of the week.  Did I mention Thing 2 and Thing 3 spent 7 hrs at the pool Monday and 3 yesterday?  Yes!

Cat who can't seem to find the litter pan and tries to ear my hair and lick me to death if I sit down anywhere near her.

Book on the Great Potato Blight in Ireland.  I like to read while I have breakfast and this morning, the section was on dead people being ripped apart in the streets by wild dogs.  They'd starved and no one had the energy to bury them in the winter.  Nice.

Makes my bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch go down easy.  Yeah.  Really easy.  Not.  Now, every time I eat something, images of a famine ridden Ireland pop into my head and the guilt over having so much while people in other parts of the world don't...

Remember that Love fabric I was going to drive to the LQS and get?  Not so much.  I'm afraid if I leave town, Israel and Iran will be at each other's throats.  Plus, there is that trip to the library I need to make....


  1. you are such a busy lady....all the time. your block looks so pretty.

  2. I love your block!

    I feel like such a whiner when I say how tired I am.... my life is soooo much less busy than yours!

    Take care of yourself!

  3. Wow !
    I have it MADE IN THE SHADE !
    Just cooling down from mopping....ran out of Pine-sol, wondering if mopping with ammonia is going to cause the cat to think the sewing room floor is her personal HUGE TOILET !

    I'm loving the looks of those blocks from this new photo shot. If you don't get that fabric print, I think they'd look great floating in tons of white ! Imagine the crinkly goodness !

  4. Funny post Dee, you make me laugh! I adore your twisted pinwheel blocks, Amy's Love fabric is PERFECT with them. xo

  5. Can't wait to get my fabric and start on your block :)

  6. Now I understand the ice cream...I hope you got lots of chocolate!!! Just remember that I love you, and I promise to be nice to you on the trip. Though, maybe we should have a hissy fight so Iran and Israel can see how stupid (yes that is the only word) they look when they bicker. Sheeeeeeeeesh!

    Love you bunches!


  7. I love your envelope solution! So creative!

    I generally just grab Aubry is envelopes need to be licked. She thinks it's fun! :)

  8. That star block is so gorgeous! Did you use a pattern? I would love to try it. Great fabric combo! Great idea for "licking" envelopes too, something I don't like to do either!

  9. Hey! Sounds like you have a lot going on. I love your colors for your bee pals~it's going to be gorgeous. I think I told you it's all your fault I started collecting all the floral vintage sheet goodness! So, if you get a call from my husband, you'll know why! The twins are suffering from a bit too much of one another as well. . .have a good day and a good trip!

  10. Swoon. Love. Love. Love. your swap fabrics! Wish I were in your bee {or any bee, for that matter}. And I still need to get that swirly pinwheel thing-a-ma-jiggy. Love your awesomeness!

    xo -E

  11. you are so innovative Dee! I'm so glad you didn't have to lick all those envelopes, there's no telling what this post would have been like if you would have, lol! You always totally brighten my day!


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