Thursday, November 19, 2009

Score! and a Giftaway!

Thank you for all your kind words about Betty.  Calling hours are tomorrow and the funeral is Saturday.
Our co-op's Yahoo email has been full of messages for her family and offers of meals, support, picking people up at the airport.  It is times like these where hearts have a chance to shine their brightest!

Sharing my treasure finds with you.  I apologize for the gloomy pictures, but it's been raining here, dark and damp for several days.

This little fella is waiting for first far as I'm concerned, he can wait a little longer!

This happy camper is waiting for the first snowflake too!
Bean will be giving them to his teachers at school and church this Christmas!

Like a little, brown squirrel...I'm hoarding retro and vintage linens.  KT and I are buying up what we can and swapping our goodies to make quilts.  My mom is even in on the fun in her snowbird home, looking for me!

I found a top sheet and fitted sheet of this!  Oooooh, yummy!

So happy and springy!
And I'm stashing away oranges and pinks for a quilt that I now have the back for

All from Goodwill.  Bless their hearts!

Last month, my STUD partner was Cyndi and she sent me a beautiful paper pieced star in fall colors.

In my package to her, I sent some fabric KT had given me and other bits from my stash.  Cyndi, whose heart is as big as the mountains, sent me this

lovely mini from the fabrics I sent to her.  It is now a cherished memory keeper of two friends.  KT because of the fabric and Cyndi because she designed, pieced and quilted such a wonderful gift!
I am blessed by her generosity and creativity!

Speaking of generosity and creativity, Aneela at Comfortstitching has been using Spoonflower to design her own fabrics for her personal use and to sell in her store.  She is very talented and I love her little vignettes of life and cuteness.

Aneela is gifting away two fat quarters of the winner's choice from her personally designed fabric.  How utterly cool is that!
You can enter to win here
 and be sure you read through her archived posts because she has some awesome quilts and little bits and pieces she's done that are just incredible!

Yesterday, I took Bean for his flu shot.  I argue with myself every year over these.  To get them, or not get them.  The past few years, we haven't been able to get the vaccine because we're too healthy or not in an at risk or increased risk group.

Ben hasn't had a flu shot then for a while and couldn't remember what it was like so drew this

Tuesday night and showed me it yesterday after the fact.  LOL  We were standing in line and his face would go really red, and then pasty white and he told me his stomach hurt and he was dizzy.  I truly think he psyched himself out (as the picture shows the needle actually going through his arm!), but only asked for a cottonball for his boo boo when we were done.

I love kids!

Happy, happy day to you all!
Much love!


  1. Oh I love your little snowmen, cute! we are having beautiful weather right now!
    I am starting to stalk vintage linens too, I don't know what has taken me so long!
    Yikes on the flu shot, I wonder that every year too, I don't get them but I always wonder what to do for my son ya know? I am just like your son, I totally psyche myself out with shots!
    Have a great day!

  2. I love your snowmen!!! Snowmen are one of my favorite holiday decorating themes. So cute. I bought a bunch of flannel snowmen fabric a few years ago, and it is still languishing in my closet. Tragic;-)) Enjoy your day.

  3. I read your post about your friend - so tragic, and you have my sincere sympathy. Glad your community is pulling together - aren't friends wonderful! Your snowmen can continue to whistle for the winter weather, as far as I'm concerned! (Although they are awful cute!)

  4. Wow! You have really scored lately! Those vintage linens make really nice quilts!

  5. That's the joy in this hobby - you get to have a lot of fun making things, and then you get to make other people happy, too!


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