Saturday, November 13, 2010

I think last post, I mentioned something about our life not being any sadder,
Tuesday evening we took my dad to the hospital.
He will be there at least until the 16th.
Watching the woman he loves be diagnosed with cancer, all the radiation and chemo and surgery has been extremely difficult on him.  He has been on medication to help him help her and it's needing some modification faster than just being at home can give him.

Mom has another chemo treatment this Thursday and we're taking one day at a time here.  Prayers for her strength and Dad's speedy and complete recovery are coveted!

Thank you so much for your prayers for us, for Joyce and our other friend.  Joyce is not doing well and her family is surrounding her with love and visiting as much as they can.  Our other friend went home from surgery and is doing as well as can be expected.

This is day 3 of the knock-down-drag-out-put you down-just go ahead and shoot me-crap that has settled in my throat, head and chest. 

I need to go pack.

Be back when things are a little drier around here, 'cause you know, when it pours!


  1. Oh poor you - so sorry, Dee. Will say a prayer for you and yours - take care of yourself, too.

  2. oh sweetie! :( I will be praying, I am so sad for you and your family. You take care too.

  3. sorry to hear about your dad....i will say a little prayer

  4. Oh Dee! I'm so sorry to hear this news! Please take care and prayers and thoughts are with all of you. and you are so right, it does seem that when it rains it pours... But usually afterward there is a beautiful rainbow! So keep your eyes peeled and I have faith that the rainbow is right around the corner!

  5. Sweet Dee, when it rains it pours. Enough already, I say. I want some sun and rainbows to shine all over you. :)

  6. You make my heart ache! Sending good thoughts. Hope you are feeling the collective hug that has been sent your way.

  7. Sister, I have on my hip-waders and life vest, I will be by with yours in the boat shortly!!! Prayers with feet, oars, and food!!



  8. oh, dee, i am so sorry this is happening. your parents look like a wonderful couple.

    you have my prayers this week and i look forward to hearing an update soon. sending hugs your way, sweetie!

  9. Wow it certainly does pour. Prayers all around.

  10. Thinking of you and your family during this challenging time, hugs!


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