Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Scrappy Star Block

This last weekend I got to share with my mom at her house.  She has a "sleepy" weekend where she watches a little tv, putters a bit, eats and then naps.  All day long.  LOL  We drove up to see my dad and I got to spend some time working on a new project which I don't have pictures of yet. 

Madeline asked us for a block called "Dove in the Window".  My month has been so full, today was the first day I could sit down and devote a morning to reading the instructions and piecing a test block.
I rummaged through the scrap bag for beautiful blues.  This is a 9" unfinished block that can be found here.

The little center pieces will make you burn your tiny fingers when pressing with steam!  Yow!

But it's complete and will be going in the mail after the holiday, along with a special package for a special bloggy friend.

Dad remains in the hospital until at least Monday.  We will surely miss him on Thanksgiving day and for dinner Saturday.
On a hugely happier note, my mom's CA125 count is down within normal.  Which means the chemo is working.  She'll have one more course and hopefully be done!

Wishing you all a blessed Thanksgiving and sharing with you three of the things I'm most thankful for:


  1. Lovely block!

    Glad your mom is doing better. Good thoughts to your dad.

    You've got a great looking family!

  2. Your block is lovely, Dee. I didn't quite get to that one this weekend, but hope to carve out some time one night this week.

    That is one good-looking group of young men! I was so thankful to have both of my kids home for Thanksgiving (and they each came home a day early as a surprise)! So many blessings....

  3. What a good looking group of men! Woohoo! Hope your holiday was a good one!

  4. Great family picture! Happy belated Thanksgiving and continued well wishes for your parents. I really like your practice scrappy star block. I had never heard of the Dove in the Window block before.

  5. I love that block too! But those points would be tricky!


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