Friday, December 10, 2010

Friday Finish-Lazy Butt Blues

I live in Cornville, USA.
Our nightlife is eating out and trips to Wal Mart.
I do, however, belong to the Indianapolis Modern Quilt Guild.  I'm not sure why they let me in since I've never been to a meeting.
When you have kids, who have soccer, school, germs etc, you find your availability is a teeny bit constrained by them.

It's okay though.  'Cause I love them!

Karen's block for November.
Where did November go?
Oh, yeah.
So, tonight was the night to get up off my lazy duff and do some construction!

She asked for houses with block measurements in multiples of threes.  Mine ended up 12.5 x 12.5". 
I have learned not to try and quilt after a chemo treatment for my mom.  LOL
The brain disengages at the parking lot of the cancer center and I'm not exactly sure when (or if) it will decide to start functioning again tonight.  I loved the colors and fabrics she chose.  Not ones I would normally pick, but I loved the way it turned out.  That's what I like about the bees, you get to be out of your comfort zone and play on the wild side!  The orange strip at the bottom is for all the brick roads we have in our town that I just love.
I originally was going to try and do a block of my house......but.....ahem.  Simple really is better! 

You can see incredible, inspiring and beautiful pictures on our flickr group!

Mom's doing well.  She's experiencing some of the side effects of one of the drugs.  Bless her heart, she's a trooper.  She brought her knitting (she's making a prayer shawl for the church) but they vampired her and the iv was in the way.

Here's to a safe weekend for those traveling on the coming snow!
Here's to a better weekend than me for those who live a little bit more south and warmer!

Our soccer coach's family is in serious need of a miracle.
Would you please lift them up in prayer over the next few days?


  1. Crazy butt, maybe...lazy butt, NEVER!!! When will you have time to rest yur butt at my house???

  2. Love, love, love you gingerbread man header!! Will be praying for your mom and the soccer coaches family. **hugs** to you my friend!

  3. oh Dee! wow! I will be praying for your sweet mom and that family that you shared.

    I hardly doubt anything about you is lazy!
    Love your block and I am sure the receiver will too, she is lucky!

  4. Lazy. . I think not! You pour everything into your family~sometimes there's just not enough left over for those fun things! Your block is the best! Prayers here for your coaches family~wow, what a journey. And a prayer for your mom too. Hugs to you!

  5. Extra prayers in this season of miracles xoxo so sorry for the sicknesses surrounding those you love. Cancer is known in our family so I've seen how hard it can be on everyone. Take good care of yourself.

    Merry Christmas, dear Dee.

    ~ Madeline

  6. Hi Dee, I just saw a monster storm hit your state. Be safe and warm. xoxo

  7. Your block is great and seriously, you get so much done!!!

    Your friend's story is amazing and heart wrenching. I'll keep them in my thoughts.


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