Monday, December 27, 2010

Turning the Corner!

My favorite day of the year just passed.
The winter solstice!
From now on, it will stay lighter just a little bit longer each day.
That means spring is on the way!

Trying to catch up on all the bloggy goodness that happened at Christmas.  I love reading about the traditions and memories families and friends kept and were making!

Hubby luv took the week of Christmas off for vacation.  The boys enjoyed having him home.  Javi is on a three week break from classes and Bean and Middleman are off this week still.  Friends over today to kick bootay on the XBox!

Some exciting news at our house!  We've adopted!  LOL
Please welcome Wee-kips to the family with us.
Here she is just waking up from her mid morning nap.  Not to be confused with her early morning or late morning nap.

Wee-kips was an outside kitty at KT's country home.  She has some issues due to what they think were either being hit by a car or attacked by a larger animal.  They live in coyote country and Wee-kips just showed up at their house late summer/early fall.  She also has something not quite right with her jaw as in head injury?

She is the most docile, loving, cuddly kitten in the world.  Lady and Peek-a-Boo are adjusting.  Speaking of, Peek has had a couple of instances where what we think is a tumor has burst.  It happened again this morning and we've decided that taking her to the vet would probably kill her (does not do car rides at all!) and the vet would either suggest putting her down or a treatment she might not survive anyway.
We've decided to keep her here at home and let Nature take its course.

Among some other fun, quiltey things, I finished the Aloha Quilt.

This is the back.  The two tall people helping me were Javi and his friend Josh.  Thanks guys!

This is the front.  I quilted straight stitch around the pinwheels and a meandering stitch on the large, floral print.  Just a thin edge for the binding.  I wanted to get better pictures, but the guys were needed in the family room to kill aliens!

Okay, not quite caught up on everything, but I feel better just reconnecting with blogland.

Hard to believe another year is almost here!  I don't do resolutions, because I usually break them.  LOL 

Wishing all a Happy New Year!


  1. Wee-kips is a sweet adoption, yea for betweensies napping!
    I do like your beautifully colored quilt, Dee, the back is as lovable as the front. I'm happy for your finishes!

  2. What a sweet kitty! Sorry about your other one. I don't blame you for avoiding the vet.
    Your quilt is gorgeous!!!

  3. Lovely, lovely sweet little orphan kitty !
    So happy to hear that you'll help your other kitty find her way at home. Sad, but sweet.

    I like the newly finished quilt......I thought that that was was the new furbaby was lying on ! I especially like the little quiltie in your header. I like that 'brainy' quilting design.....somehow it looks like brain-matter to me......not to offend.....remember, I said I LIKE IT! LOL !

  4. Well, isn't she looking all satisfied?!! So glad that she is inside!! Would you give her a good belly rub for me? Hug the boys!!

  5. Your Aloha quilt is amazing!! and I LOVE your new little kitty. I would adopt one but my hubby is not in agreement. We are pet free for the first time in 30 years since putting our beloved Bonnie Girl down a few months ago. 2010 was not very user friendly in our house. I'm with you on the resolution front too :) **hugs** from MA! Happy New Year!!

  6. Holy Smokes...that's the BACK?? WOW!! I really can't decide which side I like more! They are both so fantastic! Great job!!

  7. Congrats on the new four-legged addition to your happy home. She's adorable. I hope she's not in pain, poor little kitty-kins.

    Your quilt is AAH-MAZING.

    Happy New Year blessings.


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