Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Global Warming?

Well, we've dodged the bullet so far.
Monday night, in preparation for the ice and blizzard coming our way, I made a huge pot of ham and beans and baked some corn bread.  I also made a huge pot of potato soup.  Two meals we could heat up on the camp stove if we lost power like we did in 2005.

Our neighborhood looked like Bastogne must have looked like after the German shelling.  If you've ever watched Band of Brothers...the tops of the trees just exploding and raining down destruction.
We went to bed that night fully expecting a tree to come through the roof.  Finally falling asleep, exhausted from the stress.  The sound of the branches cracking and breaking from the weight of the ice was nerve wracking.  We have huge, old trees everywhere in our neighborhood.  I've never seen such a mess, except when we watched those scenes in that miniseries.

Thankfully, we've not had our power company have anyone out of power for a long time.  7 hours at the most is what I've heard.  Kudos to the power company crews!

Schools have been cancelled again today.  When Bean's school and Middleman's school are out...we don't do homeschool either.  And since I cleaned and prepared like a madwoman Monday, I've had time to sew.

I took the Jack's Chain quilt top to the guild meeting.

KT and I had a late brunch.  (yes, grits are on the food pyramid and I did find someone who serves them this far north of the Mason-Dixon Line)  We went to a sewing machine sales store and they had their machines out for us to use.  I'm glad I brought mine because some of the ladies spent a lot more time figuring out their machines than they did sewing.  Met some fabulous women and KT and I got to visit a LQS where I added to my Kaffe Fassett collection.

Jack's Chain is a fun block to piece, but I took a slight break from it to try this,

just a simple bow-tie block.  I wanted to play with the Kaffe Fassett fabrics so badly.  This is out of the box for me normally.  But I'm really liking the effect.  So does hubby-muffin.  That always helps.

Sending us all sunshine, warmer temperatures and tropical breezes!


  1. Hugs from afar!! It was good to talk to you this morning!!
    Stay warm.

  2. I love the color against the white on your quilts.

    We got the ice here also and it's pretty scary. My husband is on the road right now and the branches coming down had me terrified all night. We're lucky no power outages!

    We can't get grits here. I have to make my own.

  3. Sending warm your way!

    The newest quilt is awesome as usual! You have taken a simple design and elevated it with your value play. I have yet to try that. It really intimidates me for some reason... You always inspire me!

  4. Glad you got to play for awhile. I like the Kaffes.

    I also like your idea of making sure that the meals are something that can be warmed easily. I'll have to remember that. How very blessed we've been during this year of weather extremes.

  5. glad to hear that people are still getting out and doing things in this crazy weather...especially to try out sewing machines and make beautiful quilts...i love the bowtie quilt.

  6. wow! very pretty quilts!

    glad you got a sewing day!

  7. i love that bow tie quilt, can't wait to see more of it

  8. I adore the watercolor look of your quilts! Really nice!!
    I was in the Ice Storm of '98 in ME. The branches cracking is quite a sound! I hope all of you are well and warm.

  9. So glad you were able to sew! how fun that you at KT were able to get together :) good friends always equal a great time :)
    Your quilt is beautiful (as usual!)
    Keep warm! (I am lucky to have my own personal electrician!)


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