Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Brutally Honest

I stink at certain types of improv.
No, no.  It's okay.

The IMQG bee is in full swing.  I have only received half of my blocks back, but I'm hopeful.
I made this block

for the month of April. 
This was a block I thought wouldn't require a lot of thought, but it did.  Probably doesn't help I had a headache while I was piecing it.  Do you see my mistake?  Ratz!  Off to the cutting board to rip a couple of seams and insert a couple of strips of white.  They should be bordering the orange and blue on the two outside sections.

I had three finishes in one week.  This week, I've managed the block (albeit boogered up) and buying fabric to sash the Stars Over Indiana quilt.

Here's where it was in January of this year.  Still not sewn together and a play mat for a very curious cat.

The perfect sashing fabric.  From Joann's.  Purchased with a 50% off coupon.  So I got two yards for the price of one.  Yippee!  Wish my LQS had coupons like this!


Yeah, I like it!

I've been working on the back too.

For the Aloha Quilt

I used a Single Irish Chain for the back.

OMGoodness, how pretty is that!  lol  I forget what things look like when they're folded on a chair or I'm lying under them.

This is such a happy, fun and easy way to put more bang in your quiltey buck!

Crusin' along.  Having some fun with nine patches.

And here they are being pieced together.
I don't think the whole back is going to be this...I'm toying with the idea of morphing the white square in between the nine patches into the blue and green fabrics and switching the five green and blue squares in the nine patches into white.  Make sense?
We'll see.

I've been playing around with diamonds lately ( last month) too.  In pinks and oranges.  I mean, really.  What little girl at heart doesn't just love pink and orange together!

And who could resist a couple of love birds?

Where is this project going?  I have no idea!  But I'm loving the look of the blocks sashed in white!

This week has also been all about

Middleman's Flight Experiment Proposal paper that will be submitted to a panelist of judges in related fields.
He's doing natural food preservatives in space and this paper will go along with several others to be judged, and if it passes, it goes to a national review board who decides which experiment from our community

Avicenna and LLC

will fly on the shuttle Atlantis.  Lots of work to do before the paper is turned in though!

Another finish this week was Middleman's (with the boogie board) Lifeguard certification.  Lots of hard work and studying, and he passed with high marks and new confidence!
Way to go buddy!

This week also marks an end of Javi's freshman year at university.

Here he is at Gulf Shores last year.

Here's a really good shot of our family I forgot we had. 

Can you tell which one is me?  LOL 

Slowly slogging my way through WIP's with no new projects started.  Fabric bought for the sashing of a quilt and other than that...nothing new added.  Which is good.

Linking up with Lee at Freshly Pieced for WIP Wednesday.
So much fun going on over there!  Each week I find a new favorite (or two) and get inspired!  You should check it out too!

Leaving you with a finish from last week.  A WIP off the list.  Woo Hoo!


  1. I'm really impressed with how many projects you have going! I wish I could be that prolific. I love them all, you have amazing color sense, but I especially like the Stars Over Indiana quilt.

  2. Wow, that's a lot of projects, my goodness! I love that Stars Over Indiana quilt, it's looking just lovely so far! :)

  3. Give yourself a pat on that back woman!! YOur quilts are beautiful!! and so many of them....really; great work....

  4. Wow! I love Irish Chain quilts, great idea to put it on the back! That quilt on the fence is lovely, and I like your diamonds - I hope you show us what you do with them.
    The mosaic block - I recently made one of these too. They are deceptively hard I thought, well worth the effort but really it takes a lot of thought and re-thinking as you go. Once you make the correction, it is going to be wonderful!

  5. Fantastic projects! I love the sashing fabric you chose, and the Irish chain back is perfect!

  6. let me guess: you are the one on the left? no wait, the middle with the tie-dye shirt. that's it! just how i always pictured you!

    so glad to finally see your smiling face! :)

  7. Vacation is not the same without your wonderful family!!! Love the Joann's fabric. Yup, it's perfect. Yup, I know what you mean by the morphing Irish chain. Yup, it will be (is) gorgeous!!!

  8. Stars over Indiana is amazing! All sorts of beautiful projects here! Lovely... Love that double sided quilt at the end of your post!

  9. Oh Dee, don't stress out over that block! I still like it. :) Also, I can't believe you've only gotten half the blocks back... maybe we need to send out the block police. ;)

  10. How can anyone tell if someone goofed on an improv block? I can't tell. Love the diamonds your working on, they do look good sashed in white. And love the beach photos.

  11. Howdy Dee. I'm glad to find you in such A colorful and happy place. Everything looks awesome and fun!

    Congratulations to your sons for their accomplishments.

  12. Great post Dee. I love what you're working on. How did you find that fabric at Joann? It's great, bet my Joann doesn't have it.
    Congrats to Middleman, lots of wonderful accomplishments for him.
    Can't wait to see what happens with the pink and orange.

  13. WOW they are all so wonderful! I have that fabric from Joann's, and simply love it!

  14. I love the Stars over Inidiana quilt - really beautiful! As well as your other works!

  15. Everything is so pretty!
    So are you going to show that beauty on the fence? I want to see the other side! actually I want to see both sides better! Looks lovely!
    and you seem very busy! Glad you're getting some stuff done! Wish I could say the same!

  16. i want to make a irish chain now from my is so pretty!

  17. Wow! So much eye candy! Your creative juices are really flowing! Very pretty, Dee :D

  18. I love the Indiana Stars! The border fabric really is perfect!

  19. I quilt vicariously through you.... How do you do it all? Everything is gorgeous!


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