Monday, May 23, 2011

Give thanks with a grateful heart

I can't tell you the weight that's been lifted from my shoulders!
A happy weight, but I was so afraid I wouldn't get this quilt done by June 2nd.
Mom's next chemo treatment.

I shared it on Flickr this weekend and got so many kind and happy wishes for my mom.  Bless you all for making me cry.  Cancer touches so many people.  It is not a respecter of persons.  Age.  Gender.  Social status.  It just doesn't care.

That's where we as people have to.
To pray.  To live where people hurt.  To be there for them.  To share in their pain.  Rejoice in their victories.
Chemo isn't pleasant.  You can have chills, itches, aches, pain, hair loss, weight loss...I've watched my mom have all of these.  The chemo she's on now deposits calcium in her kidneys.  So, kidneystones.  LOL  She's had one hospital stay and procedure, and will need another in the next few months. 

 I just got a call from my dad that she's out of the surgery to have a port put in and is in recovery.  She should be home later today.  Medicine can be amazing!

The name of the quilt is "Thankful".  Because even through it all, that's what our family (especially me) is.  We've been blessed with time.  Time for her to laugh.  To watch her grandkids grow and have milestones.  Time to see our oldest graduate from high school and start college.  Time to watch Middleman grow and mature into a young man she is proud of.  Time to help Bean dig up "treasure" in hers and Dad's backyard.  Time to just go shopping and out to eat.

I'm also thankful to the wonderful ladies of the IMQG who donated their time and talents to help make the blocks for me.  This quilt will be wrapped up in as pretty a package as I can make it and sent along with my mom June 2nd.  I'm asking her to give it to the nurses who will then gift it to another patient there to take home and hopefully bring back during their chemo treatments. 

This is a nice lapsized quilt.  No dragging on the cancer center's floor, but big enough to help keep the chills away.  I used just a plain white sheet that had been washed enough times to make it as soft as a cloth diaper.  The medicines used can make a patient's skin very sensitive and I wanted somethings as close to soft as a baby's bottom on the back of the quilt.  A couple of weeks ago, I found a vintage sheet at Goodwill that I just knew would be perfect for the binding.  I didn't cut on the bias, thinking the slanted lines would make an already busy quilt, that much "tiltier".  lol  Just a meandering quilting stitch used since some of the blocks didn't come back quite square or the same size.  That's okay.  It's one of the reasons I love quilt so much.  They are unique in their creation.

Can you see why I'm calling the sheet the "candy corn" sheet?  I'm so pleased to have this project finished and ready to go to its new home.  I'm so thankful, that yet again today, God has shown His care and love for my mom and my family.

 Enchaned Tas captured beautifully what I'm hoping to give to someone in this quilt, "it screams sunshine, blue skies and love! And I can imagine it drawing in beautiful, fresh air and positive vibes as it sits in this lovely location! I can only hope it delivers the beautiful vibes I see!!"

It's like she saw into my heart and soul.

Thankful for your many prayers and well wishes for us.


  1. Dee, it is just gorgeous. And it is so much more than just a quilt. I know it will be as comforting as a balm to your mother. What a wonderful piece of work you have created.

  2. this is best wishes to your mother

  3. Dee, it looks just awesome! I know your mom loves it!

  4. Best wisheds to your family especially your Mom. We have been through it; not fun. Support is a great thing. he quilt is beautiful

  5. All the love you put into this quilt for someone you don't even know made me cry. I know it will be very special to the person who gets it. It is so wonderful to quilt for Jesus!

  6. what a beautiful quilt! your mom and your family are in my prayers!

  7. Simply beautiful. What a wonderful gift. I am sending healing thoughts to your mom.

  8. It's beautiful Dee. Whoever is the recipient will surely feel the love and care you put into it. I think that is one of the things I like most about sewing for others, thinking about them (even the unknown them) with every stitch.

  9. Very touching and beautiful. It's soft and filled with love.

  10. Dee and family (and your mom), I ran across your blog while looking at quilting blogs, and was really touched by this post, and by your love for your mom and family! I will join in with others in praying God will bring healing to her! And the quilt is delightful, so comfortable and beautiful. She will feel your love, wrapped up in this quilt. God bless all of you!!

  11. Dee, I am belatedly sending my thoughts, hugs, best wishes and prayers your way! What a lovely, touching post. Your words move me. Your Thankful quilt is just beautiful and by now has given the recipient much joy and comfort!!! Bless you!


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