Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Sweet Life

Josh graduating from basic.  He and his sister, Julie.

Two weeks spent building, assembling and decorating sets for Arsenic and Old Lace for our co-op.  Middleman was Dr. Einstein.  Bean and Javi were dead men.  LOL

Late night jam session after the co-op talent show.  These kids are so smart and talented!  Middleman in his "hippy" stage in the red shirt.

Middleman out of his "hippy" stage on the left.  He played an alcoholic plastic surgeon who is soft and cuddly!

Plus a wedding.  Co-op graduation program, niece graduating and then a wedding today as they head off to Texas.  Awards programs for Bean and Middleman and last days of school.  Javi made the Dean's List.
My cup runneth over.
Humbly thankful.

On the down side, I asked Javi to help me sort through the boys' toys in the sunroom and clean it up.  That was three weeks ago and although I did get my machine moved out there, it will probably be time to move it back to the den before I can actually get to it!
No matter.  Sewing is always there and these moments in life aren't.

Enjoy and live life with others to the fullest!


  1. Love all the family pics! And you're right, sewing will always be there!


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