Wednesday, November 16, 2011

WIP Wednesday!

Doesn't he look evil!
This is Tundra staking his claim to Middleman's "school" satchel.
Keeping it real here with homeschooling stuff out.
Doesn't everyone let their cat hang out on their table?

Jen gave me a great name for the vintage and modern fabric quilt I just finished.
Ta da!
The Starflower Quilt.

Thanks Jen!  Our family has been enjoying it in our family room while we watch movies!

This week saw me picking out fabric and beginning to put together three more "Useful Baskets".

A mom at co-op asked for two to be made.  One with any colors I liked. 
I like these!

She wants the other basket to have black, lime green and blue.  I love the black and white dog print.  I seriously need to update our dog's dish's placemat.  Will definitely use the doggies in that!

And a little more traditional fabrics and colors for a lady at church who saw one I had made and asked me to make one for her.  She wanted burgundies and pinks.

Playing with scraps. 
I'm so crushing on this color combination!

Hubsy wubsy and I went thrifting this weekend.  I have this thing for enamel ware.
This was a cute little dish I couldn't pass up.
I'm storing paper hexies for piecing on a project.  I think that's a map of Asia I cut up for a template.  I teach geography in co-op and well, it was handy, and I needed a piece of paper to cut to a certain size...

Pulled out a project that desperately needs finished.
Super fun!
Kinda looks like owl eye-balls, donchathink?

What do I do with these?  I was experimenting this summer with strings and can you see the stars?
Not sure where this is going, but I wanted to pull it out and start thinking about it.

I managed to sneak in another two full size Swoon blocks.  Purple.  Just a sneak peek 'cause I figure I overloaded all y'all last week.

And green.  Marianne (Hi Marianne, miss you blogging!) asked if it was difficult to downsize the block.  I just took the full size Swoon pattern and cut the measurements in half.  My blocks come out to about 11" sq because I am not a math person.  If I were, then I'd probably have 12 1/4" sq blocks.  lol

It's Wednesday already again and next week is...gulp...Thanksgiving!  Here in Indiana we had a tornado watch last night, a lightening storm to beat all and flooded streets!  I'm hoping for 90 degree weather on Turkey Day so the kids can play outside!  Ha ha ha!
A Hoosierism:  If you don't like our weather here in Indiana, stick around 1/2 hour.  It'll change.

Linking up with Lee again at for WIP Wednesdays.  Ohmygoodnessgollygracious did you see all the eye candy last week?  Wow!  Really inspiring! 


  1. You've been really busy, the Starflower quilt is beautiful! And I love the Swoon blocks!

  2. I can see the Ohio stars! I love the water color look of your quilts! My favorite is those Dresdens with those stunning borders!

  3. Love the starflower quilt, and the Swoon block are gorgeous.

  4. You have so much going on, and it all looks fantastic. I crush on those purple and greens, too.

  5. what a bunch of wonderful stuff you are working on. i keep wanting to do some of those baskets. they would be perfect for a thousand different things around here.

  6. Those flowers almost look like dresdens, I love them!

  7. Your cat is so beautiful... Not evil looking. Now, I have FatCat here and he's a mean looking cat if there ever was one LOL

    The Starflower Quilt is stunning really. Like it more and more...

    The Swoon is quilt I also want to do but I've been hesitant because of the size. Your downsize might be an idea :)

  8. WOW so many beautiful things. I do love those 'owl eyes'.

  9. I can't pick what I like the best in your post because they're all gorgeous! I really love your fabric choices.

  10. Dee! I seriously don't know how you get so much done!!! You always have such beautiful things to share :) and yes, my cat hangs out on the table or right next to my sewing machine!
    Please keep overloading me with the swoon blocks...I have yet to purchase that pattern but plan to start on that quilt as soon as the new year starts!

  11. wow - so much going on! love the starflower quilt - it's gorgeous

  12. Dee- I'm commenting here b/c you left me a comment on my blog and I love to reply but you're a "no-reply" blogger! That may be intentional, but if not, I thought I'd let you know! Also I can't view your profile on here anywhere to find your email address. So therefore I'll respond to the comment you left for me here. Anyway, about Cathedral can totally do it! Well, you do have to have patience, which most of the time I don't but this is really teaching me something and it's helping me a lot! Here's the tutorial I'm using: But there is also this one:
    You should try it!
    Oh and also, if you want to change your "no-reply" status in blogger here's a good post:
    If you purposely are a "no-reply" blogger, apologize! i just always want to reply to your comments and can't!
    Have a great Thanksgiving too!! :)

  13. oops, that sentence at the bottom is suppose to say: "I apologize!" not for you to apologize!! ;)

  14. Somehow I've missed your beautiful Swoon blocks during w.i.p. Wednesday - very cool!


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