Wednesday, January 18, 2012

WIP "Snapshot"

Lee at Freshly Pieced is hosting WIP Wednesday.
On Monday, she posted an awesome tutorial on her Ribbon Star Block.
This is one I'm bookmarking and going to do.

Saturday I took a mental health day and did some random piecing.  I started and finished a new doggie dish mat for our dog, Lady.

Here's the finished dish mat and a woodcarving/burning I got for Christmas that looks just like her.

A week ago or so, I came across a blog where the quilter lamented not getting to "new" fabric to play with until it wasn't "new" anymore because she was working on "old" projects.  I understand that.  I just scored some awesome new scraps and fabrics and wanted to use them before I put them in the stash and they were no longer "new" to me.
So I started a new quilt project (mini? twin? queen? table quilt?) called "Snapshot".
~~an impression or view of something brief or transitory~~

This quilt is a snapshot, an impression and view of fabrics that I like.  Some because they are from popular designers or lines or because of something I'm drawn to in my life.
I think a quilter's stash says a lot about their personality, world view and outlook.
I wanted to capture where I am as a quilter right now.

I cut 3 x 3" squares from my stash of scraps that I love and from the "new" fabrics I bought while in Indy.
100 of them...
...and sewed them into strips of ten.

They are auditioning in what order my ten strips of ten squares should be put together.

Here they all are.  Playing so sweetly and nicely together.  I would like to find some gray, khaki or tannish solid to sash this with.


I also got to sash another Swoon block.  This time I worked on the pink and was able to sew it to the blue one I sashed last week.

So happy I went ahead with the scrappy sashing.  The white on the pattern was just...well, a lot of white!

Doggie dish mat
Sashing on pink Swoon block
One Snapshot block

Still working on:
Scrappy Swoon quilt
Buttercup Swoon quilt
Jack's Chain quilt
& a score of other projects lurking around the house somewhere!

Hope you head over to Lee's and check out what the other quiltey ladies are up to.  It never ceases to amaze me at the creativity you can find in one small slice of the web.

Today is a treat....enjoy!


  1. Your snapshot is really cool - nice! And your scrappy swoon is great fun to see come together!!

  2. Grey is everywhere right now, so it might be nice to do a khaki.

  3. I LOVE these Swoon blocks with the scrappy sashing :-D You must have a killer stash! I am loving all of these fabrics. Thanks for giving me something to aspire to!

  4. So much gorgeousness!
    I know grey is done a lot but the kona ash is a very light grey and might look good with your scrappy squares.

  5. I'm loving your swoon blocks! Great colors you use.

  6. What scrap happy projects! So cheerful. :-)

  7. your blocks are very pretty colours Dee...thanks for stopping by to comment....

  8. Hello I've made a similar patchwork using squares this week too!!


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