Friday, February 24, 2012

Swoon Hoorahs for Me!

Amanda Jean hosts Finish It Up Friday each week along with Amy and Sew and Tell Friday.
Girlfriends, let me tell's like walking through a botanical garden and art museum all in one fell swoop!
I'm always amazed at the creatvity and beauty out and about in the world of quilting.
Hope you can stop by her blog and partake of some of the yumminess!

A finish!
At last!

Way back at the end of September, I made a Baby Swoon Block and fell in love with the pattern.
September 29th to be exact.

Today is February 24th and I just finished sashing the yellow and purple blocks.

I finished piecing eight strips to sash the blocks this week while watching "Pride and Prejudice" the BBC version with Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle.
Shoulder slump.  Relaxed pose.  Eyes closed.

Time to piece the blocks together.
The stars are aligned.
Much chocolate has been sacrificed and much (too much) caffeine has been consumed.
Lifting. (this thing is heavy!)
Seams matched perfectly.

Okay.  That was a lot of tension and work, wasn't it!

Here it is.  Still needing a sashing of white all the way around...but all the Scrappy Swoon Blocks are sewn together.

Ta Da!
(many, manly thanks to the oldest and nextest for helping and daring life and limb for this shot!)

(does this mean I get to start a Granny Square mini-quilt because I was so very good and got this put together?)

Stay tuned!


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  2. Woo-Hoo for you Dee! Love the sashing and your Swoon is definitely my favorite!

    (I deleted my previouse post. Lost of misspellings)

  3. I'm crazy about your swoon blocks! They are fabulous!!!!!!

  4. very pretty, dee! these have such a romantic feeling to them!

  5. Your swoon blocks are gorgeous! The sashing is really fantastic! I have to say the BBC version of Pride & Prejudice is my favourite too, Colin Firth is the perfect Mr Darcy.

  6. That's a cool wat to do the blocks--in separate colors!

  7. WOW! I am sooo impressed with all those pieces coming together!! Amazing!

  8. And I thought I was in love with the original Swoon version. Yours takes it way beyond that. It is beautiful!!!! Give yourself multiple pats on the back!!!

  9. this is ridiculous!! i definitely mean in a good way. i am in love.

  10. Fan-tas-tic!! Love your quilts. I always think of those impressionist paintings with all those flowers and beautiful soft colors. Whoohoo, sew some Grannys!

  11. Those are beautiful!!

  12. Yes, you absolutely get to start a granny square quilt as a reward for finishing this! So impressed - I skipped over the Swoon stress and went straight for the grannys. Guess I'll have to go back to Swoon someday.

    Well done! And I love the little saying about putting on your big girl panties. I say it all the time!

  13. Ohhhhhh, ultimate swoon. Seriously. I am all kinds of over the blogs seeing swoon blocks and yours are the awesomest by far. Get your granny square on Swoon Queen! You can do it all :-D

  14. I LOOOVVVEEE all your swoon blocks together. Fabulous!

  15. Very very pretty, Dee! I love the sashing, too. I love that BBC production of P&P! We re-watched Bridget Jones' Diary last night - I had forgotten that was a take on Pride and Prejudice, with Colin Firth in the Mr. Darcy role! So fun!

  16. Gorgeous!! Congratulations! I know that was a LOT of work! :o)

  17. very beautiful All that sashing and it lies flat

  18. Dee, these blocks are some of the prettiest Swoon blocks I've seen!!!! Love your fabric choices. You definitely have been a good girl and deserve to make some granny square blocks now!


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