Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Fabric Tuesday's Pinterest Interest

I have been working on huge, ginormous, large, titanic, giant projects lately and am a little burned out on the bulk of it all.

The Scrappy Swoon and Rose Star are folded neatly away for a little bit.  I love working on quilts for my family, but I'm allowing myself some space for instant gratification projects for some "fun" right now.
(not to mention the Spring Cleaning & Sprucing going on)

I found this tutorial for wee itty bitty boxes from The Wool Food Mama and pinned it on my Pinterest board a couple of weeks ago thinking it would be a fun lil' thing to try out.

I pulled out some happy and cheerful fabric and went to work.  The tute calls for canvas, but I didn't have any on hand and was craving to use a sunshiney print I had! 

These cuties call for a liner and I didn't have quite enough of this perky, green floral...so I stitched together two long, skinny pieces to have enough to cut.  And here is another place I deviated from the tute.  I cut out a piece of batting and added that to the layers to sew together.  Mostly for stability, but I love the look of a basket with it.

I also sewed a 1/4" top seam allowance and hand sewed the top opening (that you turn the box inside out through) closed by using a whipstitch.  Again, personal preference and experience from all those Useful Baskets that is different from the tute.

And here is the finished Wee, Itty, Bitty Boxie.  It's quite small!  Right now, Bean has filled it with Hunky Dory strips...but it will probably be a box to hold keys and library cards.

Sister-friend was admittedly having a difficult day the day I put this together.  We had the great pleasure of spending Saturday night out with her and her family having dinner and shopping...where I gifted her a "I love you no matter what!" box in her favorite color.

Another slight variation on the tute was using ribbon to close the sides up this time.  Next time I make one, I will sew the ribbon into the layers and have it to tie the corners together.

The best part about sister-friends is they are the sisters and friends you would have chosen to grow up with.
They love you and share your life with no history and no demands. 
Their children are your nieces and nephews, and your children are theirs.
They spend countless hours on the phone with you.  Sometimes just chatting and other times, talking each other down from the ledge.
Thanks KT for being such a sweet sister-friend!

Linking up with Fabric Tuesday again this week.  It feels good to be consistently having something further along or finished each week.  Take a look at the other links...you won't be disappointed!


  1. Love your swoon blocks! The baskets are just adorable, thanks for the link.

  2. Loving my basket. Just what this basket-case needed.

  3. these little boxes are so cute!!! i love the floral on the first one. was it wonderland?

    i understand that need to put big things away...i really need to start something to fill in the time away from my hand quilting project

  4. Boy do I know the feeling of just wanting to finish something! The baskets are very cute and versital!
    Love sister-friends. I'm lucky enough to have an actual sister that I would have chosen anyway! She may need a basket too.....

  5. Very pretty boxes....your swoon quilt is darling. I finished one myself in red,white and blue the other day.

  6. Ah! Those boxes are cute :-) I'm all for instant gratification. I've been dragging my feet on a quilt for days now. I don't know what gives.


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