Friday, March 30, 2012

I lied!

to myself.  LOL  Not the first time.  Won't be the last.
I said I wouldn't blog for a while for several different reasons:
#1 Friends, reading about what I'm doing here or on FB doesn't mean we've talked and you know everything that's going on in my life so you don't need to call, email or stop by.
#2  I'm into Spring Sprucing and Cleaning:  a paintbrush and a dust cloth are my chosen medias for expression most of the time these days
#3  I'm working in the yard getting flower beds ready and the yard cleaned up
#4  I've broken three needles FMQing the tree and am a bit disgusted and frustated so I've put it away so I don't do something I'll regret later
#5  I'm starting work at a greenhouse on Monday.
( you know...I guess you really don't need to call, email or stop by)

I did take my last week before going back to a job I really enjoyed (but had to stop because of homeschooling) to put this together:

A coffee table quilt that was inspired by a quilt on Pinterest
Leanne's blog is so beautiful and amazing!
Her quilt is definitely bigger than mine, but the colors she used were so lovely and "cottagey", I had to make something similar without committing to another "big" project.
So, thank you Leanne for the Pinspiration.

Quilting was FMQ of flower petals in the hexagons and then meandering along the rest of the way.  I used one of my more recent thrift store vintage sheets finds for the back.

It is so nice to work on smaller projects that are fun and "quick and easy" to do that also add some lightness, prettiness and quiltey goodness around a house oh-ever-so-much full of air pistols, pocket knives, weights, Old Spice deodorant, smelly socks and no food ever in the pantry or refrigerator!

Hope today treats you kindly and the sun is shining warmly!


  1. well if I lived closer, I would stop by! ;)
    this is really pretty Dee! so soft looking :)
    you are going to work at a greenhouse?!! I think that would be a pretty neat job! hope it's fun?!!

  2. Love your coffee table quilt, and your Pinspiration. :o) Great word! Sounds like you live in a house full of boys.. ;o)

  3. I know I feel caught up! LOL I understand how you feel. I love the coffee table quilt. Since you're painting maybe you should paint something pink. It's only fair!

  4. So soft and sweet colors/fabrics. Enjoy the yard work and pretty flowers.

  5. Uhm, I think I need to come for a visit. Just don't look at the coffee table for an hour or two aft I leave! Wait!...rats, you know where I live!

  6. Lovely coffee table quilt Dee!!! Best wishes as you start back to work.

  7. Hi Dee, I've given you the Liebster Award. Check my blog.


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