Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Greening

of Spring.

Three weeks at the greenhouse.  Settled in.  Organized.  Caught up.  For now.
So blessed to be working here with all the beautiful plants and with who I work with.

"Ivy" a cute little Scotty topiary I'm growing for a customer.

Flowering Crabapple trees planted into decorator pots and planted with white and yellow flowers with trailing ivy for a wedding this Saturday.

Their last daughter getting married.  How fun to be able to help make their day beautiful.

A special order.

Lovely pinkness!

Chris, our middle son, is working with me through the day.  He helps in the greenhouse with the manager while I stay behind the "counter" and design, plant and care for custom orders.  What an awesome gig!
I'm so thankful we both had the chance to do this this year.

Javi is freaking out and stressed out over finals.  One more week and he'll be a junior in college.  Huzzah!
(he just leaned over, I kissed him on the top of the head, he read this and said, "I'm not stressed out anymore.")  We'll see.  I remember finals!

Bean won third place (out of over 400 junior high submissions) in an essay contest.  A very fancy plaque and monetary award...and picture in the paper.

No sewing going on except to help a very dear friend sew on bindings for three special quilt for special women in her family.

Life is good and I am thankful.



  1. My sister works at a greenhouse too and I am a bit jealous! It really sounds fun to be around all of those plants all day! :)

  2. these plants are are very gifted!

  3. What an amazing environment to be in with all of those creations happening as we speak. Love it and am happy for you. The topiaries and little dog are great. Congrats to your Bean for his awesomeness in writing.

  4. busy busy!!! Your job sounds so fun and rewarding Dee! kuddo's to your kids! that is amazing!!!

  5. Looks fun! I love gardening/planting/helping things grow as much as I do stitching! Enjoy your work!


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