Monday, January 21, 2013


Pinterest strikes again!
How lovely is this from Tabatha at Bending Pins!
You should go check out her blog!  It's so inspirational and has tons of yummy eye candy.

I have been wanting to buy a 45degree angle ruler for a while and what better excuse than to try my hand at piecing something inspired by this.

So, I did!  You can also see some gorgeous fabric picked up from a LQS and Kate Spain's "Honey Honey".  I used the 2" measurements for the diamonds and the squares ended up 2 3/4" sq.  I'd like to think I'm getting better with the math at figuring out a block I don't have a pattern for, or am resizing. 

This is my first attempt at piecing all the center seams together.  Blah!

I tore everything apart, cut new diamonds and used Elmer's glue (I'm getting true fabric glue next time) to help me keep the fabric stationary  while stitching.  It also helps to make sure all your seams are pressed clockwise and clip a little into the bulk of where the seams meet.  Big improvement!  

I watched this tutorial before stitching the star the second time and while I was stitching it.  

Here is the pieced block before trimming.  I love the solid Kona blues as the star!  I tried to alternate pink and orange squares around it and then went to alternating pink/orange and blue for the outer diamonds.

While I love this block and am glad I took the time to repiece the center, it's not quite as polished as I was hoping for.  I was wanting a wall hanging, but after sashing it with scraps:

I think I will make myself a pillow for the den.  Some points aren't true and cut off in places.  More learning and practicing coming up.

I'm still crushing over Florence's wall hangings and will probably piece this again with the goal of having something as beautiful to hang on my wall!

Each week, Quilt StoryFreshly Pieced, and Crazy Mom Quilts host linky parties where you can share what you're doing as a quilter and blogger and see what other quilters are working on.  I never walk away without being encouraged, smiling, thinking, and working on a new idea someone has given me!  I learn so much from these ladies.

Hope this week sees you warm and sewing!


  1. oh Dee! that is beautiful! you are amazing, I probably would have settled for the first set of points and called it good (the lazy side of me)

    I am going to try to make sure I get back in the swing of things and do the weekly linky parties, that reminds me I better go read them and see updates on each.

    Thank you again for all the inspiration you throw at my way!

  2. Great job!! I am now using Elmer's School Glue all the time for different projects, it really does a great job of replacing pins, which distort your work! Did you remember to starch the crap out of your fabrics before cutting? :D

  3. Dee, I surely admire your tenacity and courage to try any new block that catches your eye......and it is NEVER something simple !

    You did really well, and that pillow is gonna look all girly, like you always want, and just make you smile daily !

    God bless you, sister !

  4. Beautiful top Dee! I admire your determination in the block piecing. My "Honey, Honey" charm packs arrived today. Such pretty prints.

  5. I love the star block. Your pretty colour/fabric choices really made a wonderful block. thanks for sharing the link.

  6. Oh this is awesome! You are becoming my favorite blog lately;)

  7. Love that block, I have been planning on trying it soon. Thanks for the tips!

  8. What a charming block. The center is perfect

  9. A lovely block, especially the border, which brings it all together.

  10. Wow! That is a stunning block, and that border is amazing.

  11. Good grief. This is why I love your work. You are a color visionary! That's a beautiful block.

  12. Your block is gorgeous! Good for you sticking with it! I may have just left it.....

  13. This block is so cute with Honey Honey, great job!


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