Monday, May 27, 2013

Mini Monday

Memorial Day.
A day of reflection and thankfulness.

Loverly fabric I picked up a while ago.  No selvage, so I have no idea what it is.

I learned a new technique today.  I picked up a free pattern a couple of weeks ago and decided to spend some time today playing at the sewing table.  I didn't want to commit too much on something I had never done before.....I'm learning!  LOL

I ended up with this sweet mini pillow!
Sort of a Cathedral Window effect.
I enjoyed sewing the curves into the corners and will definitely be trying this on a larger scale.
This cutie comes in under 9" sq.
I straight line quilted the border seams.  Love that lacey look it has!  I then quilted a 1/4" along the inside seams and up and down the middle, outside "triangles" for some definition.

Here it is with my Spring Sprocket Pillow.
They make me smile!

Thank you for all the thoughts, prayers and well wishes for my mom!  She was very tired Monday after her last radiation...and then went on to start "heavy" chemo on Thursday.
She is a seven-year miracle!

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If you haven't peeked or voted yet for this Spring's Blogger's Quilt Festival, voting ends Friday!  I've had so much fun visiting all the blogs and enjoying all the incredible quilts being showcased!
Hope this week treats you kindly!


  1. Oh my goodness! I have a quilt that I used a this method on. I've been trying to get a pattern together. Never seen anyone else do it.... proves again, there is nothing new.....

    Such a pretty pillow!!

  2. it's hope chest, by Josephine Kimberling :-)
    And it makes a lovely pillow!

  3. Your little pillow is so cute!! :o)

  4. They're both so lovely! Great job.

  5. That little pillow is just adorable. I LOVE that fabric.

  6. What a great pattern. Very cute:)
    Prayers for your Mom and You!

  7. As i said on flickr already, i really love the design of this pillow, well done!

  8. What a great design...I love how it works with the fabric!

    Here via WIP Wednesday.

  9. Sweet pillows. Love them both!

  10. Gorgeous pillow, love the way you used the fabric!

  11. Gorgeous pillow!! Love the pattern and it looks like it would be fun to do.

  12. Очень красивые подушки! Нарядные и праздничные.


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