Friday, June 21, 2013

Piecing and Geometry

Hey!  Thanks for the birthday wishes!  This week, someone in our house turns the big "18"!
He got signed up for Selective Service and registered to vote a couple of weeks ago at the BMV.
He's lifeguarding again this year, taking an ACT Review class online and enjoying time with his brothers.  Last year he took a dual credit class at a university nearby and next year will hopefully graduate with a semester of college under his belt.  I am so proud of him!

Math and I usually don't get along.
Which is really bad since we homeschool two kids and it's a H.U.G.E. part of education.

That being said, I found a quilting project that made me feel good about geometry!
Sniff.  I'm so proud!

Fons and Porter's Spring 2013 Easy Quilts magazine had some very cool patterns in it, but this one

really caught my eye!

This is the colorway for the original table runner.  Cool blues, teal and chartreuse. 
I had most of these colors, but they really weren't doing much for me.
I've been sick this week and didn't feel like a trip to Joann's for the three yards of yellow I need to finish the Rose Star quilt

I pulled together some scraps and started playing with them to put the table runner together for instant gratification (and this did not require me getting in a car and walking around a store while feeling like death warmed over!).

Yello Kona, some (ahem) lime green and summery raspberry, blue and green fabrics playing together on the (ahem) lime green table.

The magazine says the "rectangles and squares--all right angles--make(s) it a great beginner project."
Which is what I needed since when I'm not feeling well, the brain sometimes doesn't communicate with the rest of the body the way it should and past experiences of sewing complicated blocks while sick did not turn out so great. 

The runner in the book is 12" x 54", but this was way too long, and not nearly wide enough for our dining room table, so I shorteded it and added another row of the rectangles and squares horizontally.

It ended up at a respectable 18" x 36".

There's some Kaffe in there, "Floressence" by AGF, "Sunkissed" by Moda, "Shadow Flower" from Windham Fabrics, Kona (some kind of) yellow and scraps from KT, a fun paisley print from Joann's and some beloved vintage blue.

Hubs and I had a chance to go thrifting with KT and her hubs a couple of weekends ago.
She found a beautiful, yellow pillowcase that I had to have come home with me.
It has the most delicate embroidery in such happy colors and fairy-like crocheted edging.

Here it is all washed up, pressed and ready for sweet dreaming!

All that looking for vintage linens in real life made me surf the net this weekend on my iPad mini and find some goodies I would love Santa to bring me.  These are all from Etsy shops and forgive me shop owners, but I thought I was taking screen shots of which stores they came from, and really wasn't.  You can browse "Vintage Tablecloths" and find them there...but they're really too yummy not to share with you!

Santa, since you're super awesome magical and all that...when you find out where these come from...could you please send the hubs an email telling him where HE can find them?  LOL!

Another week to link up with some great quilters and see what everyone's been up to!

Come out and play!


  1. It's okay...look at all you are really great at!

  2. Yes those "Death warmed over days" are just not very nice are they? Hope you get to feeling better soon so you can create some more beauties like your table runner:)

    Geometry and I have never been friends either btw;)

  3. Sorry you weren't feeling well. I hope you feel better now. Really love that Rose Star quilt and the new one with lots of yellow! The pillow case was a great find, love the embroidery.
    I hope you son has a great birthday. 18 is such a milesone.

  4. Oh how pretty! Beautiful fabric combinations in the table runner! Feel better soon!


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