Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Back to Work! Back to Work!

The Doodles have been busy!
Fall cleaning.
But I did get to sew some last week!
A very sweet and special lady that I absolutely loved and admired while growing up blessed me with some nostalgic pieces she had stored away.
She was our neighbor when I was little and she and my mom still visit and chat.  My mom shared my current project of the Linens Quilt with Shirley.
Miss Shirley brought my mom these hankies to give to me to use in the quilt.
They belonged to her husband's mother.
And while they are a little too delicate to use as blocks, I did have an inspired idea for how to repurpose them into the present.
Since yellow is one of my favorite colors, I chose this one to use in the prototype.
There are a lot of spots and stains, but I was able to salvage the corners.
Using Ayumi's tutorial for a fabric basket, I rummaged around in my yellow scraps and came up with this:
I cropped out the stains and used the corner pieces on the front and back of the basket.  My Janome also has a sweet little decorative stitch I used all the way around.  I probably won't do that on the next one I make.  I like it, but I think it gets lost in the scrappiness of it all.
Now that the prototype is finished and I know where the mistakes will be made (lol), I'll be making one for Shirley as a way of saying "thank you" and helping her remember her family!
Here are the centerpieces for a couple of blocks I've finished for the Linens Quilt.
Love them!
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  1. Great repurpose, I purchased several vintage napkins recently, now I know what to do with them, thanks!

  2. Fantastic repurpose! I love it a lot!

  3. Great idea, the basket turned out lovely. I collect hankies! I have a few that I will have to repurpose.

  4. Your basket 'tis very pretty. How lovely to receive such gifts from special people who have had an impact on your life. Love, love, love the basket blocks (but then I love all your blocks for this quilt) I am enjoying the glimpses that you are revealing one moment at a time......this linen quilt of yours is going to be a m a z i n g!!.

  5. Oh gosh, so sweet. I love this. I want to make one now. Thanks for the link to the tutorial.

  6. aw Dee! you repurposed that hankie beautifully! how special :) it makes me smile :) Love the blocks also! you have such a gift of color!


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